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Betrayal by one you love is the cruelest cut of all. And when the Lord of Crisfell betrays it is done on a grand scale.

Ashi'mei Candre feels her life is destroyed in that instant, but her love's betrayal goes far further- he is sacrificing his own people.

Amongst the islands of Crisfell, honour and clan is everything, but that may also be their undoing. A dark secret from the past will now come back with a vengeance, and Ashi'mei must put her own troubles aside to face this greater danger. For over the dark sea is a menace of flesh and hunger, which having been turned back once, is only more determined to remake Crisfell in its image. When the danger comes from within as well as without, Ashi'mei's world is doomed. And yet there are two from beyond the island who may help, one a passionate young man from their traditional enemy, and the other a compelling creature with mastery of the flesh to rival the menace beyond the sea.

With friends and clan her only hope, the time to stand and fight has come. Ashi'mei must search within herself for salvation for her people, face her darkest fears, and risk everything she loves.

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  • Ashi'mei falls, and while Geran Duke of Crisfell feels a bit guilty, she finds an unlikely, but kindly saviour. Meanwhile news of her death begins to filter out.

  • Geran convinces the chiefs that war is a great idea, while Llew the godling and Silistra the mother discuss prophecy and Ashi'mei's part in it. Neither know of the Duke's captive hidden in the depths of the castle...

  • Ashi'mei and her new friend Jerris suddenly become prey, and must trust each other or die.

  • Llew makes a new friend in the dungeons of the castle, one with a secret that the Duke will kill to protect.

  • Ashi'mei begins to suspect her love, and hurries toward Skelligtown.

  • Jerris finds itself in a reunion with some old friends, and Ashi'mei chooses deception on her return to Skellig castle.

  • Ashi'mei comes to some decisions, seizes power, and the rest of Crisfell must follow.

  • After setting themselves to the task of defending Crisfell against the Weavers, Ashi'mei and her friends begin to gather their forces. Sending her friends to reform the Scarlet Wolves, Ashi'mei, Jerris and Connor set sail for the Outer Islands, which have gone mysteriously silent.

  • Geran, Duke of Crisfell comes face to face with the Weavers. Ashimei, Jerris and Connor do the same, and everyone finds out what they are really capable of. Ash's homecoming is not exactly how she imagined it.

  • Underground Ashi'mei finds the remains of her clan, and relives some painful memories. Her grandfather reveals the mystery of the Outer Islands as they struggle to find a way to save what they can from the Weaver's. Jerris has an idea.

  • Jerris explores exactly what his powers can do. Connor and Ashimei face the Weavers in the tunnels under Dunlery in a desperate attempt to protect the clans retreat.

  • Silistra and Ashi'mei's friends are in the mountains reforming the Scarlet Wolves, when they become prey to a disturbing new force. Jerris and the two young clanspeople execute their plan to take a ship, but Jerris must face his own kind to do so.

  • Ashi'mei has the reunion she wanted, and discusses the finer points of individuality with the Weavers.

  • Ashi'mei returns home to find her friends have not. Jerris and Connor realise that acceptance is not always guaranteed by those they are trying to help.

  • The time for the clan moot had arrived and Ashi'mei must take her place of leadership. And an unwelcome message arrives on the back of a horse

  • Ashi'mei reaches the end of her rescue mission, and discovers trouble she never expected.

  • Having reached her friends Ashi'mei is struck down. The Makers, whose part up until now has been unknown, are revealed. Jerris and Roso must work together to save the situation.

  • Jerris goes out to scout the arrival of the Weavers. When they arrive at the walls the time to fight has come.

  • The Weavers are at the Gate and the Scarlet Wolves must face them. Ashi'mei spends some time in the library looking for traces of Geran's work

  • Ashi'mei mourns the loss of two friends, and realizes the chances of survival for them all are slim. Jerris has a plan which it is determined to follow through.

  • Jerris has a plan, and the Alpha awaits.

  • Ashi'mei must face her Weaver heritage and Geran, the love that turned against her, if anything of Crisfell is to be saved.

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