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An Introduction To Dodgeball or Conception and Induction or How To Begin An Apocalypse

Contains mature content not suitable for all readers.

Book One is the introduction to this series of books which take place in a world where magic and psychic-like powers exist but are overlooked by most people, and centers on a teenage boy of remarkable magical and mental powers as he is introduced to a world that had been hidden from him his entire life by ignorance.

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  • In which Trevor has a vivid sexual fantasy that the object of his imagination seems to experience as well, and the next day gets ready for and then walks to school, letting his imagination wander to a particularly ominous vision of himself being watched in an unusual, magical way, on his way there.

  • In which Hannah experiences the most disastrous of mornings, ending up hospitalized, Trevor begins exploring the most mundane details of other people's daily lives in his imagination with remarkable clarity, and two doctors make an unethical decision regarding Hannah's unexpected medical mystery.

  • In which Trevor takes a journey of the mind, hopping from person to person and place to place at a thought, growing better and better at getting into the innermost thoughts of other people, and finally reaching the mind of Betty, one of his classmates, to try to learn what he imagines she thinks of him.

  • In which Trevor is transported magically by Sqrat to a school he'd thought he'd only imagined existed, learns he's to be a student there, and quite suddenly finds he knows more than enough magic -and the world's secret history- to be able to fit in come Monday morning.

  • In which Trevor gets ready for his first day at his new school with only a couple of missteps before he makes it out his front door, makes a good first impression in the hallway before class, and then finds himself fitting in and performing well during first hour.

  • In which Trevor attends his English class without incident, then finds himself in P.E. - where he gets a very fast and harsh introduction to Dodgeball as he's never seen it before.

  • In which Trevor, in only a couple of highly dramatic plays, wins the dodgeball match for his team without even a basic grasp of its rules, then turns down an offer to join the school's dodgeball team.

  • In which Trevor finds that having Sunshine's first-hand memories of watching history unfold makes sitting through a bad history class unbearable, then experiences his first direct magical attack.

  • In which the tall stranger, trapped in a darkness thick and clinging like living tar, attempts to steal Trevor's satchel, then Mrs. Leeds is confronted by Sunshine, and finally Trevor sees how interesting -and mathematical- the exploration of magical ethics can be.

  • In which Trevor lets his mind wander from his last class of the day, the hospital finally informs Hannah's parents of her condition, and the stunning conclusion of Book One sets up the events of Book Two.

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