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Set in the early 19th Century England, Trapping A Duchess tells the story of formerly affianced couple, whose marriage-to-be ended when Sophie left Andrew humiliated at the altar. The two would be more than pleased to never have to see one another again until they come face to face while rivaling for the affections of two members of the same family.

Tempers - and desires - flare as the pair does their best to outwit one another. But fate has other plans, including a seduction that changes everything.

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  • On the day of his wedding, Lord Andrew Wolter, future Duke of Tolland, finds himself alone at a table in a darkened part of White's. However, the copious amounts of alcohol he has imbibed have nothing to do with celebration. Instead he's doing his best to soothe his shattered pride. For how else can a man cope with being jilted...at the altar?

  • Seven years later, Lady Sophie Sinclair is back in London and, more importantly, back in society's good graces. The trouble is, both the Ton and her brother Simon have decided it's past time she was married. For a woman who wants nothing to do with a husband, the thought is devastating. To make matters worse, Simon gives Sophie an ultimatum she considers tantamount to a death sentence.

  • Upon the death of his father, Andrew returns to England to assume his place as Duke of Tolland. His homecoming sends memories flooding his brain. But those are nothing compared to the surprise fate has in store for him.

  • The Season is in full swing with more balls, soirees and musicales than an aristocrat could shake a stick at. Most of the attendees, including Sophie, will be spending the evening at the Alfred's Ball. Any other night, Sophie would be excited, but tonight she's a bundle of nerves. For this will be the first event in which she and Andrew will both be in attendance.

  • When a duke requests an audience, there are few who would dare refuse. Sophie, however, is precisely one of those people. But when Andrew forces the issue, he's left with more than just their conversation to ponder.

  • A picnic meant to allow Andrew to further his acquaintance with Lady Abigail turns to frustration when her brother brings back more than just flavored ice from Gunther's.

  • Sophie has found the perfect prospective husband in Lord Zachary Quinley, the Marquis of Courtland. Kind and with an amiable, relaxed nature, he fits her needs to a tee. The trouble is, the handsome marquis is brother to Lady Abigail, in whom Andrew is clearly interested. With a bit of encouragement from Alexandra, Sophie makes a decision that starts an all-out battle with Andrew.

  • Andrew's dinner party turns into torment when Alexandra invites Sophie to attend. Worse, while he's struggling to lay even the thinnest of ground with Lady Abigail, Sophie appears to have no trouble at all making progress with Lord Courtland. When Sophie's flirtation becomes more than he can bear, Andrew makes an ultimatum. But Sophie's no milk-water miss and Andrew's about to learn the first of many lessons.

  • Andrew and Sophie are unexpectedly thrown in each others paths when they both attend the same ball. This time, however, it's Sophie's turn to learn a thing or two.

  • A planned visit to Vauxhall sets the stage for Sophie to answer Andrew's ultimatum. With that small victory behind her, she sets out to enjoy the evening. But when Andrew surprises her with a sneak attack, they are both surprised by what they find. For it seems her body isn't exactly in league with her mind.

  • When Sophie gets a glimpse of a side of Andrew she remembers from her youth, she becomes intrigued. In the absence of their usual sniping, they find themselves alone under a rose arbor - and Andrew has the opportunity to show Sophie just how much she desires him.

  • Sophie heads off for a two-week long country house party, excited to explore her and Andrew's new-found intimacy, but the arrival of Andrew's brother Gabriel - in a tortured physical state - keeps him in London. While the duke takes care of family matters, Sophie has an interesting revelation about her future with Lord Courtland.

  • The appearance of Andrew's business partner Charles - and his cousin Kate - leaves more than just Sophie in a state of aggravation. And this time when she finds herself alone with the duke, things go from heated to downright incendiary.

  • Sophie's denial pushes Andrew to involve her brother Simon. When she attempts to ambush Andrew in his study, her plan backfires in the most horrible way imaginable.

  • Another ball, another meeting between Sophie and Andrew. Only this time, the duke is offering exactly what Sophie wants. Or is he?

  • Sophie and Andrew come to an arrangement of sorts.

  • Sophie and Andrew spend the requisite time out amongst the Ton, then find a private place where they can reap the benefits of their arrangement. All goes well until Andrew crosses an emotional line and Sophie is forced to decide between what she thinks she wants - and what she knows she feels.

  • When Simon realizes Andrew's been lying to him, he gives an unreasonable deadline for marriage. Yet Sophie is still indecisive. With time running out, Andrew decides to take matters into his own hands. After all, it's easier to gain forgiveness than permission.

  • The wedding date is set, the invitations sent, the Ton holding their collective breath. But Sophie still has one last matter to discuss before she makes that irreversible walk down the aisle.

  • And they lived happily ever after. The End.

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