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When Diurnia Salvage and Transport undergoes a change in management, Captain Ishmael Horatio Wang finds himself adrift in a sea of red ink, and intrigue. He dives in only to find that he is over his head in a universe where cut-throat competition takes on an all new meaning.

What price will he pay for his Owner’s Share?

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  • Ishmael gets into trouble with a member of his crew and a tragedy strikes Diurnia Salvage and Transport. (Chap 1 & 2)

  • - Ishmael looks over a new ship and the crew learns more about what might be in store. (Chap 3 & 4)

  • - An accountant visits the ship and offers Ishmael some insight. While Ms. Thomas goes ashore, Ishmael is left wondering just what his new life will look like. (Chap 5, 6, 7)

  • - Chief Gerheart and Ishmael survey a ship and uncertainty grows as the situation unfolds. (Chap 8, 9)

  • - The waiting ends and the crew learns some of the secrets. (Chap 10, 11)

  • - One of the crew surprises Ishmael when Ms. Thomas's intuition proves true. Ishmael meets Christine Maloney. (Chap 12, 13)

  • - Ishmael gets breakfast and buys some new clothes.(Chap 14, 15)

  • - Kirsten Kingsley offers Ishmael an interim job. William Simpson offers him some advice.(Chap 16, 17)

  • - Ishmael begins the process of cleaning the ship and trying to strike a balance with his bodyguard. He discovers a hidden feature. (Chap 18-20)

  • - Ishmael buckles down to learn about the ship. With a bit of help from DST, the deal is struck and Ishmael signs more paperwork. (Chap 21-23)

  • - Ishmael starts getting the ship in order but things don't go smoothly with his financing. (Chap 24-25)

  • - After a surprising press conference, Ishmael gathers a crew and gets down to business. (Chap 26-27)

  • - A bit of crew bonding results in an unfortunate photo. Ishmael sees a familiar face in an unexpected place. (Chap 28-29)

  • - The ship stocks up and Ishmael receives a visitor. Finally stocked and ready for space, the ship gets underway. (Chap 30-32)

  • - Ishmael stands watch with his new quarter share crewman. The ship returns to Diurnia and gets ready for a real cargo run. (Chap 33, 34)

  • - With cargo loaded, the ship departs for Welliver and the crew begins to settle into the routine. Ishmael gets some insight into his new quarter share crew. (Chap 35, 36, 37)

  • - The ship makes the jump to Welliver. Ishmael finds a new cargo and continues to upgrade the ship's systems. (Chap 38, 39, 40)

  • - Ishmael takes another test but gets tied up in red tape. A friend from the past may hold the answer to a thorny problem. (Chap 41, 42)

  • - Ishmael discovers a hidden talent among the crew and works around the thicket of red tape. (Chap 43, 44)

  • - The ship gets underway for Ten Volt. Ms Arellone makes a startling discovery. Ishmael continues upgrading his ship's systems. (Chap 45,46, 47)

  • - Ishmael runs into more problems with his Steward's Endorsement. Things look bad for one of the crew members. (Chap 48, 49)

  • - When information starts leaking from inside the ship, Ishmael is forced to consider some unpleasant actions. The ship leaves without passengers and Ishmael grows more concerned about his debts. (Chap 50, 51, 52)

  • - Ishmael continues to have problems with his steward's endorsement and the ship is forced to make a cargo run back to Diurnia. When he is finally able to carry passengers, Ishmael wonders if it was such a good idea after all. (Chap 53, 54, 55)

  • - With his credentials finally in order, Ishmael takes his first paying passengers. When an unruly passenger causes a problem for the crew, support comes from an unexpected direction and Ishmael begins to reconsider the passenger business. (Chap 56, 57, 58)

  • - When the ship gets to Greenfields, a nosy newsy confronts Ishmael. Before the crew gets underway, Ishmael discovers a problem that threatens the ship and he's faced with a difficult decision. (Chap 59-61)

  • - The ship takes a full load of passengers back to Diurnia. On arrival Ishmael starts taking action to regain control. (Chap 62-64)

  • - After getting some advice from William Simpson, Ishmael returns to the ship to find a face from his past. Negotiations yield a new chief engineer and the Iris gets ready for space once more. (65-68)

  • - Ms Maloney recieves a summons. An extended layover in Greenfields gives Ishmael a chance to do some cargo analysis and check the ship. When tragedy strikes, the stay becomes somewhat longer than expected. (69-73)

  • - Ishmael starts the healing process and the ship gets underway once more. (74-76)

  • - In the conclusion, Ishmael and the crew meet Kurt and discover who pulled the strings on their adventure. As the story closes, Ishmael looks forward to a new beginning. (77-81)

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