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A shuffling of cabins puts Ishmael Horatio Wang in command of the worst ship in the fleet. He learns that being Captain doesn't make you infallible and that life in the Captain's Cabin is filled with new kinds of challenge as he tries to keep the ship moving, the crew out of trouble, and turn a profit to earn his Captain's Share. In a ship where the officers outnumber the crew, how can he manage to keep everybody happy? Welcome to the SC Agamemnon.

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  • First Mate Ishmael Wang fights an all too familiar battle before heading out into the Deep Dark. On the way to Breakall, the SC William Tinker finds a mystery. (Chap 1,2,3)

  • The Tinker files a salvage claim on the Chernyakova, but Ishmael and the crew learn the price of sloppiness in the Deep Dark. (Chap 4, 5, 6)

  • Ishmael gets the Chernyakova to Breakall, but isn't allowed to rest on his laurels. When they return to Diurnia, he's give some good news but learns he's about to lose a friend. (Chap 7, 8, 9)

  • Ishmael is faced with a difficult choice and keeps trying to defer his decision. Events move quickly and he's swept along. (Chap 10, 11)

  • After some surprising responses, Ishmael moves to his new ship and assumes command. (Chap 12, 13, 14)

  • Captain Wang starts straightening out the crew and gets a little scare about a subject near and dear to his heart -- the food. (Chap 15, 16, 17)

  • The Agamemnon begins to adjust to the new Captain. Ishmael makes a bet. (Chap 18, 19, 20, 21)

  • An accident in the galley gives Ishmael his first real discipline problem. (Chap 22, 23)

  • After some minor adjustments to the fixtures, the Agamemnon finally gets underway for Welliver. (Chap 24, 25, 26)

  • Ishmael addresses some issues of crew comfort and discovers some astrogation errors. (Chap 27, 28, 29)

  • Ishmael learns of an irregularity in the ship's accounting, and Mr. Wyatt learns a few trick about cargo picking. (Chap 30, 31)

  • On the run out to Welliver, Ishmael discovers who's been using the Agamemnon's account, and picks up an interesting cargo. (Chap 32, 33, 34)

  • Ishmael makes a discovery about his First Mate and solves a problem before getting underway. The Agamemnon visits Odin's Outpost. (Chap 35, 36, 37)

  • Navigational errors put the ship in a bind and Ishmael has to make a hard decision. (Chap 38, 39)

  • The ship runs into some heavy weather and begins to make up lost time, until they receive a distress call. (Chap 40, 41, 42)

  • The Agamemnon is delayed for days rendering aid to the stricken vessel. (Chap 43, 44)

  • The crew of the Agamemnon takes a short break and gets into new trouble. A reward comes from an unexpected direction. (Chap 45, 46)

  • The Agamemnon finally makes it back to home port and Ishmael learns an unfortunate truth. (Chap 47, 48)

  • Just as things start getting back to normal, a fresh emergency faces the crew. Chief Gerheart and Mr. Wyatt spring a little surprise on the Captain. (Chap 49, 50, 51)

  • The final tally is in and the cargo picking contest ends. (Chap 52, 53, 54)

  • Ishmael finds a new coffee shop and gets an oblique threat from an unexpected quarter. (Chap 55, 56)

  • The Agamemnon's crew gains a new hand and gets underway once more. (Chap 57, 58)

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