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Cover for 'Trader Tales 4: Double Share'

When he graduates from the Academy at Port Newmar, Ishmael Horatio Wang reports for duty in his first assignment as an officer. When he gets to his new ship, he finds things are not exactly the way he'd learned in school. The coffee tastes like used engine oil, the ship has no heart, and the nearest decent tailor is two quadrants away. What's a new Third Mate to do? Will he be able to trust Billy?

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  • Ishmael Wang graduates from the Academy and heads out for the Diurnia Quadrant. (Chapters 1-2)

  • Ishmael catches up on his reading and learns some self defense tricks on the way to Diurnia.(Chapters 3-4)

  • Ishmael gets to Diurnia, signs his contract and learns that his ship is waiting. (Chapters 5-6)

  • Ishmael reports for duty on the SC William Tinker and begins meeting the crew. (Chapters 7-8)

  • As Ishmael settles into the shipboard routine, troubling issues start emerging. (Chapters 9-10)

  • Ishmael stands his first watch and takes a tour of the ship. (Chapters 11-12)

  • The SC William Tinker gets underway and Ishmael meets the Captain. (Chapters 13-14)

  • Ishmael learns more about what happened to his predecessor and begins to make changes aboard. (Chapters 15-16)

  • Ishmael gets a reputation and learns something about the crew. (Chapters 17-18)

  • Ishmael learns that no good deed goes unpunished and starts to clean up the ship. (Chapters 19-20)

  • Ishmael has a run in with a couple of crew members and learns something important about the general outlook aboard. (Chapters 21-22)

  • Ishmael learns that Mr. Burnside takes a very proprietary view of his watch. (Chapters 23-24)

  • The crew has a field day and Ishmael discovers that he's volunteered to be a teacher. (Chapters 25-26)

  • The crew learns how to study together and Ishmael gets called names. (Chapters 27-28)

  • After consulting with Arletta and Mel, Ishmael begins taking steps to protect himself. He also learns just how detailed RumorNet can be. (Chapters 29-30)

  • Ishmael pokes about and discovers some interesting facts about the Tinker's systems. (Chapters 31-32)

  • Ishmael visits the Captain and gets a warning from Fredi. (Chapters 33-34)

  • Another crewman wants to join Ishmael's harem. Fredi offers a word of caution. (Chapters 35-36)

  • Ishmael does a little more clean up and takes Mr. Vorhees shopping. (Chapters 37-38)

  • Fredi reveals a secret and Ishmael stretches his legs on the Orbital. (Chapters 39-40)

  • While Mel, Fredi, and Ishmael celebrate, tragedy is brewing. (Chapters 41-42)

  • Burnside shows Ishmael how the ship does drills and half the crew takes ratings exams. (Chapters 43-44)

  • Ishmael gets some late night callers and gets locks installed on the doors. (Chapters 45-46)

  • The watch rotations change as the injured crew are deal with. Apones finally wears a clean shipsuit. (Chapters 47-48)

  • The nightmare ends and Ishmael gives out another whelkie. (Chapters 49-50)

After originally starting on audiobooks with 'Ravenwood', I'm now addicted to them and I'm currently gripped with 'Trader Tales' (just starting Captains Share) and would like to say "Thank you Nathan for a great series and many laughs - it's certainly helped pass some long drives with the wonder tales ...
A truly well written story - full of inspiration, heart, wit and humor. From the first book of the series I've been totally engrossed in each audio book. I drive a lot for business and your books have made many a trip better.
A friend recommended 'Trader Tales' to me and I'm very glad she did. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to all 6 of the books. And now I've just finished 'Ravenwood'. So I have to go see what else Mr. Lowell has written. Part of my enjoyment is the strong female ...
I've had the absolute pleasure of reading and listening to all the books and hope that your energy and passion for them will provide your ethusiatic readers with the follow on adventures we yearn to embrace!
Thank you for the stories. A future for the universe where bacon, eggs and coffee plays such a prominent role gives a person hope for mankind. Dave W. I haven't heard "fire watch" uttered since leaving Fort Dix several decades ago.
I was hoping to hear more about a crew member named Ballantine. Gee, Where have I heard that name before?
I love this whole series.
Hah! The Christiana Ellis. Nice!
I love these books. However Ishmael 'chortles' and 'chuckles' too much. As an aspiring author (though not of sf, which annoys me as I read it all the time) I try and cut out this stuff! Keep it up though, they are great! :)
Congratulations, Nathan, you have a devoted audience here. Ishmael is an honest hardworking character and we cheer his successes. My spouse was recommending your work to her relatives just today. Podiobooks is a unique way to experience Trader Tales. Now, can you tell us where is the nearest Union Hall ...

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