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When Ishmael Wang is orphaned by a flitter crash, he must make some hard decisions about how to survive in a Company-owned universe. With limited time and fewer options, he lands a job as the newest hand on the Solar Clipper Lois McKendrick and learns there's more to life than making coffee.

Join Ish, Pip, Big Bad Bev, and the rest of the Lois McKendrick's crew as they sail the galaxy in search of profitable trade.

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  • When Ishmael's mother is killed in a random accident, he must find a way to leave the company-owned planet of Neris. (Chapter 1)

  • Ishmael gets a job working in the galley of the Lois McKendrick and begins his adventure in the Deep Dark. (Chapter 2)

  • Cookie assigns Ishmael to make "coffee to cry for" and The Lois McKendrick gets underway. Next port-of-call: Darbat (Chapters 3 & 4)

  • Ishmael settles into shipboard routine and begins to look ahead. Meanwhile Pip comes clean on "the scrubber incident" and why exactly, he was forced to leave the Marcel Duchamps. (Chapters 5 & 6)

  • The Lois McKendrick has more surprises and Ishmael charts a course for promotion (Chapters 7 & 8)

  • Ishmael gets a tour of the Environmental Section and Pip goes ashore. (Chapters 9 & 10)

  • Pip gets mugged and Mr. Maxwell starts asking questions about the ship's stores. Pip gets assigned to fill the Empty Container. (Chapters 11, 12 & 13)

  • Ishmael and Pip take their rating exams. Pip gets a surprise. (Chapter 14)

  • Ishmael gets a lesson in shipboard accounting and finally gets liberty after ninety days aboard. (Chapters 15 & 16)

  • Pip looks for private cargo but Ishmael finds it. (Chapter 17)

  • Ishmael gets a souvenir and learns how to make sludge cakes. (Chapters 18 & 19)

  • Lois McKendrick rents a booth. Bev buys a belt buckle. (Chapter 20)

  • Ishmael and Pip have to visit the Captain, Ishmael discovers who Lois McKendrick is, and Pip makes good as a trader. (Chapters 21 & 22)

  • Ishmael and Diane visit a mushroom farm. (Chapter 23)

  • Ishmael goes shopping. Pip buys rocks. (Chapters 24 & 25)

  • Ishmael and Pip organize a co-op. Ishmael earns the full set of half-share ratings. (Chapters 26 & 27)

  • Ishmael learns that he likes his new life. (Chapter 28 and Preview of Chapter 1 of Half Share)

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