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J. P. Moore's 2009 podcast reinvented the zombie apocalypse, taking it where it had never gone before! Hailed as brutal, dark, and brilliant, TOOTHLESS has gathered legions of fans across the globe.

France, 1180 AD: an ancient evil leads a rampaging army of demons and undead warriors across the countryside. One knight, a failed Templar, is the last hope of the living. The dice are cast against him. He perishes, only to rise in service to the very evil that he hoped to destroy. He is a gifted minion to his new master.

But life is not done with him yet!

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GOLD MEDAL IN HORROR, ForeWord Reviews 2010 Book of the Year Awards

"Toothless is the best zombie novel I've read all year ... an intelligent kind of horror story that I seldom encounter, and like Frankenstein, I weep for the monster, not the humans. 5 stars - It kept me up all night!" Dirty Sexy Books

"I’d recommend this book to zombie lovers and haters alike, as Toothless can only redeem the latter." Nooblings Nest

"This gritty supernatural historical has plenty of bite. Compelling and well told ... an unusual mapping of familiar fantasy territory. Toothless himself is an introspective, complex protagonist, and his quest to recover what he can of his past is by turns moving, intriguing, and highly entertaining." -- Publishers Weekly

"Powerfully written, TOOTHLESS plunges the reader into the heart of a gripping, sometimes brutal, wonderful tale of what it truly means to be alive. Not to be missed!" -- Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms(r) fantasy world and bestselling author of ELMINSTER MUST DIE!

"TOOTHLESS is compelling, intriguing and above all, utterly original. At last, something new!" -- Peadar O Guilin, author of THE INFERIOR

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  • Book I, Chapter I: France, 1180AD: a failed Templar rejoins his comrades in a desperate war against a marauding evil, but the dice are cast against him.

  • Book I, Chapter II: Toothless proves himself to be a valuable servant of the Yew and receives a puzzling reward.

  • Book I, Chapter III: Toothless and his companions discover magic and memories in ale.

  • Book I, Chapter IV: Toothless and his companions embark on an important mission. Toothless sees worrying signs, but also discovers the true nature of judgment.

  • Book I, Chapter V: Toothless delivers Guillaume to the Yew, and immediately regrets it.

  • Book I, Chapter VI: Spoiler poses a mysterious question. Only Toothless has the answer.

  • Book I, Chapter VII: Toothless and Spoiler compete. Fortune turns on Toothless.

  • Book I, Chapter VIII: Book I ends, leaving Toothless' fate uncertain.

  • Book II, Chapter I: Book II opens in Brittany, and introduces us to young Lil. Father Peter considers her "a puzzle."

  • Book II, Chapter II: Lil makes a new acquaintance, and reveals her mission.

  • Book II, Chapter III: Lil and Martin travel to the edge of the plaguelands.

  • Book II, Chapter IV: Lil discovers that her mission is more involved than she had realized.

  • Book II, Chapter V: Lil and Martin descend into a mysterious underworld.

  • Book II, Chapter VI: Lil finds herself on death's doorstep.

  • Book II, Chapter VII: Lil walks the path of the dead.

  • Book II, Chapter VIII: Lil's mission concludes with Book II at Lindisfarne. Book III will chronicle the end of the war against the Black Yew.

  • Book III, Chapter I: Toothless is among the Templars, but the Yew has wrought a new world.

  • Book III, Chapter II: Toothless is energized, but questions his purpose.

  • Book III, Chapter III: Toothless chooses his path.

  • Book III, Chapter IV: The crusade against the Black Yew suffers a setback.

  • Book III, Chapter V: Toothless receives a valuable gift.

  • Book III, Chapter VI: While searching for the Templar army, Toothless renews an acquaintance.

  • Book III, Chapter VII: The Templar army prepares to meet the Black Yew, and tackles a target of opportunity.

  • Book III, Chapter VIII: The war against the Yew comes to a close, as does the saga of Toothless.

  • Interview: A Toothless bonus! The novel is now available as an ebook and trade paperback from Dragon Moon Press. Publishers Weekly calls Toothless "moving, engaging and highly entertaining." Listen as Dragon Moon Press Associate Editor Gabrielle Harbowy sits down with J. P. Moore to discuss bringing Toothless to print. Their chat reveals much about how writers and editors work together, and what makes them tick.

  • Preview: Another Toothless Bonus! Enjoy this preview of J. P. Moore's next novel, THE OLD GOD. Jamesport, Rhode Island, 1895: listen in the alleys and you will hear whispers of the city's mysteries. Strange beings slumber in the salt marshes. Viking runes, sigils of some forgotten magic, appear at low tide near the wharf. A ruined stone tower of unknown age and purpose stands in the city square. Do not speak too loudly of these mysteries, lest the Old God send his servants to silence you. Fear Jacob, the most loyal and gifted of these assassins. Peer into his eyes, however, and you may see a hint of doubt. You may sense in those eyes what you have known all along--that the world is about to turn itself upside down.

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