By: Deb
Excellent Book(s) Loved the 2nd better than the 1st! HOWEVER I hate cliffhangers... when will the 3rd one be complete? I have been listening Podiobooks for a while and it seems like there may be 2 in a series but the next ones never come??? Love the Story - The ...
By: Jim M.
And there is that cliffhanger at the end, which kind of makes you wonder if Mom really knew best all along....or not. Guess # 3 in the series is coming, and the world the author created is interesting enough (to me, at least) to look forward to reading about it.
By: Jim M.
Having read/listened to "This Paper World" and "One Way" and enjoyed both, I find that his latest work is also well-written and least so far (I'm up to chapter 15.) The narration is clear and well-inflected. There are some really great story tellers out there, and Jeff Lane is ...
By: The Rhino
This takes the first book up a notch. I have to say one negative thing though, I hate one sentence cliffhangers!!!
By: Judar
Having said that, I don't like not finishing things, so I will probably pick it up again, though a previous comment doesn't give me much hope.
By: Judar
Really struggled with this, I quit half way through. it started off ok but I struggled with the pace of it, nothing really seems to happen. I found it a bit slow, ponderous.
By: NotsoMuch
Getting through the last few chapters was rough. I lost interest in the story line and characters. Just at the finale, a mysterious character is introduced (almost as an afterthought) and ... gasp ... a cliffhanger ends the story. I'm not interested in the next installment.
By: Solid Granite
Well done! An excellent continuation of This Paper World. Vivid descriptions, colorful characters, solid plot line... Thoroughly enjoyable. I can honestly say I wish there was more coming in this series!

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