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When an asteroid passes by our planet and leaves a trail of death in its wake, a quarter of the population have become the living dead.

Twenty-five years later the zombies are under the control of the government. Citizens are chosen to participate in Project Mirror, a cloning project in which their "mirrors" are used as food for the undead. When one man discovers that something in his blood is being used to create an army of super-zombies, he decides to help his mirror escape. In doing so he uncovers a secret so guarded that the powers that be will stop at nothing to eliminate him and all those that he loves.

The Zombie Chronicles: Escape is the first book is a series of edge-of-your-seat thrillers that will take you on an adventure beyond your wildest imagination and leave you wanting more with each episode.

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  • We learn some of the history behind what happened when the asteroid passed by our planet and what the world is like now. Nameless reveals to Jenny what he plans to do next, after returning from his latest round of tests.

  • Nameless reveals the source of his discouragement. We learn some of the history behind Project Mirror and Jenny gets drunk. A possible government agent is exposed and things take a turn for the worse in a twisted ending!

  • We learn how Nameless got involved with Project Mirror, who his mysterious kidnappers are and an old flame resurfaces.

  • Nameless goes home and is met by an unwanted intruder. Strange dreams all around and Jenny reveals a secret.

  • We learn how Nameless and Jenny got to know one another. Jacob reveals just what it is going to take to get ready for the next step.

  • Nameless recalls the first time he was eaten, has a confrontation with Victorya and goes into The Dead Zone. Jenny gets the call.

  • Nameless tells the girls about his trip to The Dead Zone. We find out why Jacob is the way he is as he reveals a deep secret. Guv breaks down.

  • Nameless and Jenny have a big falling out. The mysterious man who shot the zombie in the apartment is revealed and changes the game.

  • Nameless recalls the day he left the Facility and found the recording. Doctor Labern sheds some light on the situation and places Nameless in a precarious position.

  • Nameless goes looking for Jenny and gets kidnapped, again. Seems Jacob wasn’t being completely honest about things.

  • Nameless takes Labern back to Jacob and settles things with Jenny. Things start to break down at the discovery of a possible mole in the group.

  • The group confronts Victorya about being a possible mole. Jacob breaks down and a new leader rises from the ashes.

  • Jenny and Nameless say goodbye to one another. Jacob and Guv school the two men on just what it’s going to take to stay in touch before they leave to find out what’s going on in the city.

  • Labern and Nameless begin their trek to find a helpful source, only to encounter and old friend. Jacob comes through loud and clear.

  • Jose tells us a bit about what happened in his past and hints that he’s not too pleased with Jacob. We’re taken to an abandoned church where the Children of the Dead await!

  • The history behind the Children of the Dead is revealed as well as a secret project they have been working on. Jenny keeps in touch.

  • Nameless, Jose, Labern and Kalomi all sit down for a chat before being interrupted by some unwanted visitors. The battle to survive begins.

  • After a fierce battle, Nameless brings Kalomi to see Jacob. The Children of the Dead’s future is decided and things come to a halt as Jose speaks out.

  • Jose and Jacob have it out and we hear what Jenny has been up to. Kalomi, Nameless and Jose return to the church only to get distracted along the way. Labern stays behind.

  • Kalomi, Nameless and Jose's cover are blown. People die. A revelation is revealed that could help the cause but then it all goes to hell at the end.

  • Jacob and Labern pay a visit to the church and the tunnel is finally finished. Kalomi asks Nameless to do the impossible and Jose has a revelation.

  • The group break through to the Facility and begin their ascent. Everything comes to a halt though when Nameless snaps and his true identity is revealed!

  • Victorya and Labern explain to David just what is going on. The gang regroups and prepares to head into battle once again, as their cover is blown.

  • The group storm the Facility with alarm bells going off all around them. Chaos ensues as Labern and Hyde take out some guards before coming across the head of Project Mirror and take him captive.

  • Hyde shows Dr. Caughfield just how far he’s willing to go to get answers. The doctor responds by showing both Labern and David the underbelly of the Facility.

  • Doctor Glenn Caughfield reveals the truth behind Project Mirror and all of a sudden the mission shifts to stopping Jacob before it’s too late.

  • The fate of the blood supply is realized. The group find what they were looking for and try to make it out alive but not without a casualty and some missing bodies. The end is just the beginning.

First off, good book, but incomplete... Music between chapters is very annoying and takes away from the story as it blasts between chapters and takes you out of the story either fast forward past it or suffer through it. If it was taken out a person could keep rolling the ...
I'm enjoying the story, James. Thanks! One question: Why do you have the main character through out, 'wetback' and 'flamer'? He dosen't seem racist or homophobic. Or maybe he is... Probably more to be revealed as I listen on. Also, you have a really good reading voice. Bravo!
Wow, the comments. Lazy writing? I guess they didn't get the part about that this was the "character" talking, and not the author. It seems like a few people have issues on how the character came across. I came across your book, on my way to reading The Infection / ...
I have to say while I enjoyed the book overall, I think the twist made me face palm. SPOILERS****** I'm fine with it being alien in origin, though that took some getting used to***** I mean the fact they kept the main character in the dark, just because they thought ...
Your use of analogies becomes wearisome. The zombie looked at me like a puppy looks at a bone you gave it trying to decide if its real or plastic I felt like a bag shit set on fire waiting to be stomped on. There were so many. You definitely said ...
The story has a lot of potential but there are some serious things that I would consider "issues" with this podiobook. Breezing through some of the author's comments, he does seem to be classy and accept criticism in it's context, so props for that. With that said, though, the writing ...
Enjoyable book, but horrible music between chapters.
I tried to get into this but could not. The story has way to many plot holes, there is zero character build up and the interaction between them is horrible.at one point it goes from the main character not knowing anything too being the leader of the resistance and being ...
Wow. this is awesome. I've been looking for some half decent zombie related audiobooks and I found something far better: "The Zombie chronicles: Escape". It has been a really well balanced listen so far (I'm about half way through). Perhaps the most impressive quality is how the author manages to ...
New listener here and up to episode 6, I think it is a great book so far. Luckily I found it today, now I can listen to the whole book right away (sorry for those suckers that had to wait, jk). I know good and bad comments are needed (and ...

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