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The Wizard That Wasn't: Mechanized Wizardry Book 1

Fantasy, Steampunk

Never trust a wizard.

They’re all filthy, addle-brained con artists peddling superstitious nonsense. Horace Lundin doesn’t believe in their magic. The Petronaut technician works with steel and steam in the workshop, maintaining the mechanical suits of armor his masters wear. There’s nothing magic can do that technology can’t do better.

So he thinks, until he witnesses the power of wizardry first-hand.

That fateful day gives Lundin and his Petronaut colleagues an idea. What if magic didn’t have to be chaotic and messy and unreliable, like the wizards who practice it? What if it could be as simple as throwing a switch? Putting their resources and their reputation on the line, the technicians cobble together a music-box magician, programmed to speak the arcane words punched out on its disks…

…and it works.

But the Petronauts can’t hide their discovery in the workshop for long. There’s danger brewing in the city of Delia. When Princess Naomi is laid low by dark magic, her only hope for survival may rest with Horace Lundin and:

The Wizard That Wasn’t

Reader reviews on Amazon:
"Witty, creative, and well-thought...I was hooked!"
"A fun steampunk fantasy."
"A great read... strong character development... Reading 'Mechanized Wizardry' makes me selfishly want the author to stop doing everything but write so I/we may read more."

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  • The Delian Army hunts for a wizard, and technician Horace Lundin sees the power of magic firsthand. (Chapter 1)

  • Lundin's new preoccupation with magic gets encouragement from an unlikely source: hard-nosed senior Petronaut Sir Kelley, and his unusual family. (Chapters 2, 3)

  • The disgraced wizard Jilmaq gets a visitor, and Lundin and Samanthi roll up their sleeves to build a magical machine. (Chapters 4, 5)

  • Princess Naomi makes painful progress through the First Ordeals as Lundin’s research hits a serious complication. (Chapter 6)

  • Samanthi is flabbergasted to see the result of Lundin’s first magical field test, and much is at stake as Delia prepares for the feastday. (Chapter 7, 8)

  • The Recon squad walks into a tense situation in the Delian palace, and Lundin and Samanthi reach a chilling conclusion about the Princess’ illness. (Chapter 9)

  • The Petronauts have no one to turn to but each other as they hunt for information in the palace. (Chapter 10)

  • Lundin and Samanthi fire up the squawk box in a desperate attempt to save the Princess, but time isn't on their side. (Chapter 11)

  • Petronauts across Delia rally to find the wizard Jilmaq before time runs out, and Dame Miri of the Parade squad answers the call. (Chapter 12)

  • The feastday has come and gone, but the excitement is only beginning for Lundin and the ‘nauts of the Recon Squad. PLUS a sample of “The Mask And The Master,” Book Two of Mechanized Wizardry (Chapter 13 PLUS Bonus Chapter)

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