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In a world where emotions are disappearing, selling the tears containing these emotions has become a thriving industry. Alongside this enterprise and its harvested tears, a black market offers wild tears culled from unsuspecting donors for very personal use. Baldassario, the tear thief, is a virtuoso in this field. The greatest challenge of his career brings with it a most unexpected journey.

"The Tear Thief" is a novella written as part of the Emotein art project. The www.emotein.com site presents the other creations associated to the work including video, photos, design, music, a play and interviews.

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Thank You for the work that was put into the creation of this book. I found it to be totally original but way too short and slightly fragmented in parts (2nd half). Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed your book and will listen to it again. It is very ...
Even after reading some critical comments I can't help thinking that this story is just great as it is. I like the originality of the idea as well as the changes and twists in the story. All in all it's somewhat openended, giving it a bit of the character of ...
U liked this story right from the start and was with right up until the last episode. The main character's change of course came seemingly out of nowhere as did the ending. Would've loved to have seen more in this universe and with these characters. Maybe that's what this book ...
Great premise! Liked the first episode or two then it started to lose me. Must confess that I hated the ending. Sorry. It over-reached. Instead of moving me it made my eyes roll. I might not be representative. Keep at it.

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