By: Stephen L. Moss
Lucie, thanks so much, and thanks for the ebook plug there! Eduardo. Hope you are enjoying the book.
By: Lucie Le Blanc
Hi Eduardo. You can find the ebook here for $0.29:
By: Eduardo
Hi there, I would like to know how can i read the book also listening the story... Is possible to find the book here in this website? Tks in advance
By: Lucie Le Blanc
Brilliant story. Gorgeous narration. Well done.
By: Stephen L. Moss
Jen, Anna, Tammy, and Lisa: Thanks so much for listening and for your kind words! If you have a minute or two to do me a favor, I would love it if you'd rate the book on Amazon or any other place you like to post book reviews. Here's the ...
By: Lisa R
Really loved this book. I read the 2nd book first then realized this was the first book and had to listen. This poor guy goes through a lot but they are sure great books. I am from Wisconsin and lived in Milwaukee for a bit and hearing about the different ...
By: Tammy Davis
Mr. Moss this was a great book..... I just started listening to audio books while I work out and walk...your story makes the time fly by because your book moves along at a great pace.... drove me nuts trying to solve the mystery! Autumn Leaves is next.....
By: Anna
Finally I came around to listen to this book. Again, a delight! Although I heard 'Autumn Leaves' first and enjoyed reconnecting with some of the characters, both books work well on their own. The plot is indeed well thought through and kept me in suspense right to the end. Also, ...
By: JenM
This was a really good listen! Unlike some crime novels the characters were fully devoloped and helped to draw you into the story. I'm really glad we're getting another book in the fall!
By: Stephen L. Moss
Thanks for listening, Tom!

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