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Last season, 19-year-old rookie quarterback Quentin Barnes overcame his racism and unified his team. Now, he and the Ionath Krakens have to compete against the greatest football teams ever assembled and do far more than just survive each game. As he rebuilds the team in his own image, Quentin truly begins his life-long quest for a Tier One Championship.

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  • Step right up and get your season tickets to the Ionath Krakens 2683 campaign! Thrill to the sound of bone-crunching hits! Feel your heart pump at the roar of 180,000-plus fans scream for blood at Ionath Stadium! Watch as second-year quarterback Quentin Barnes leads the orange and the black onto the field of battle in the second book of the Galactic Football League series.

  • Tweedy takes Quentin to see private detective Frederico Esteban Giuseppe Gonada. His Purist Nation upbringing is brought face to face with the modern world once again.

  • Everyone loves a parade! Quentin and the Krakens get their Tier Two Championship parade. The residents of Ionath pack into the rad-free dome to celebrate the Tier One promotion of the orange and black.

  • Quentin & the Krakens deal with the aftermath of the championship parade. Can they successfully manage all of these distractions? The Tier One season is approaching fast!

  • This episode we hear the announcement of the Tier Two All-Pro selections from the season played in THE ROOKIE. Did Quentin Barnes win "Rookie of the Year?" The pressures of big-time football start to add up for Quentin, pushing him into conflict with backup quarterback Yhitzak Goldman.

  • The rookies arrive on the Touchback after surviving their tests on the Combine, but this time Quentin is meeting the new recruits as the starting quarterback of the Krakens. This season, a mere 13 weeks after Quentin arrived himself, the greenhorns include FB/QB Rebecca Montange, AKA Becca the Wrecka.

  • The rookies arrive on the Touchback after surviving their tests on the Combine, but this time Quentin is meeting the new recruits as the starting quarterback of the Krakens. This season, a mere 13 weeks after Quentin arrived himself, the greenhorns include FB/QB Rebecca Montange, AKA Becca the Wrecka.

  • Quentin's efforts to take full control of the Krakens run into obstacles from an unexpected source. He finally gets to try out his new receivers as the Krakens prepare for opening day.

  • Media Day is here! Quentin's first press conference as the starting quarterback of the Ionath Krakens turns out to be more difficult than he anticipates. We talk about the Quyth life cycle and meet the Leekee for the first time.

  • Quentin continues to develop his passing game in practice, but the Krakens are horribly exposed at right offensive guard. If Quentin doesn't get some passing protection, he won't have time to throw. When talk of a trade comes up, will Quentin be able to separate business from friendship?

  • Quentin's growing fame brings offers for endorsement deals, including one from yacht maker Manny Sayed. The Krakens' offensive line troubles continue, with no solution in sight. Week One against the Isis Ice Storm is right around the corner, and that means Quentin will square off against All-Pro defensive end Ryan Nossek.

  • This episode finds Quentin suffering through practice with the offensive line, sacked repeatedly even though he's in his red "no touch" jersey. And then the GFL Commissioner pays a surprise visit to the Touchback; he never shows up unless something's seriously wrong.

  • The Tier One regular season has begun! The Coranadillana Cloud Killers start the season against the To Pirates and your own Ionath Krakens prepare for their opener against the Isis Ice Storm. Will Quentin be able to begin the season with a victory?

  • Quentin leads the Krakens onto the field for the 2683 season opener against the Isis Ice Storm. He better watch out for Isis All-Pro defensive end Ryan Nossek, a hulking HeavyG with five confirmed on-field kills to his name. You'll hear the roar of the crowd as the regular season finally begins.

  • In this episode, we finish up the Kraken's season opener against the Isis Ice Storm. The first half is in the books and the Krakens are behind, can they mount a second-half comeback?

  • After the game with the Isis Ice Storm is over, Quentin, Yassoud and John Tweedy head out on the town. While Quentin is nearly always interested in seeing the local sites, tonight the boys have a special surprise in store for him.

  • Sunday Football on the UBS network brings you coverage of the Ionath Krakens' home opener against the Themala Dreadnaughts. Quentin's on the field, while Chick McGee and Masarra the Observant bring you the action from the booth. Frederico and Quentin have a critical showdown, as the PI has information on the parade bombing.

  • Sunday Football on the UBS network brings you coverage of the Ionath Krakens' home opener against the Themala Dreadnaughts. Quentin's on the field while Chick McGee and Masarra the Observant bring you the action from the booth. Frederico and Quentin have a critical meeting because the PI has discovered information about the parade bombing.

  • The Krakens finish their game against the Themala Dreadnaughts. Will Quentin run the plays that are called? Or, will he again try to run his own game instead of running the offense of coach Hokor the Hookchest?

  • Quentin realizes he has to bond with all of the races on the team, not just the humans, if the Krakens are going to become a winning franchise. Sharing a meal with the huge and vicious Ki offensive linemen will prove to be a multicutural experience not soon forgotten.

  • How does the GFL handle the varying atmospheres and gravity on different planets to keep game-play consistent? Find out in this episode. On the only field that really matters, Ionath welcomes the visiting Shorah Warlords in a must-win game for the Krakens.

  • Quentin and the Krakens square off against his childhood favorite, the To Pirates. Quentin will lead his team against Frank Zimmer, the best quarterback in the league. The improved protection Aka-Na-Tak is giving Quentin has shored up the Krakens offensive line. How will facing off against his childhood hero affect Quentin? Will the Krakens prevail?

  • The Krakens have fallen to last place, and injuries are mounting up. Will Quentin pull the trigger on some key roster changes? Or will he stand by his friends and go to war with the army he has?

  • The Krakens square off against their arch-rival, the Wabash Wolfpack. Gredok the Splithead has a long standing beef with Wolfpack owner Gloria Ogawa. Can Quentin & company win this important game for their owner? Or will this be one more factor in Gredok's growing list of grievances against his young quarterback?

  • Quentin and the Krakens finally get a chance to catch their breath during the Krakens' bye week. Quentin takes the Hypatia on a trip to Orbital Station One for some of Ma Tweedy's galaxy-famous tuna noodle casserole. Frederico, John Tweedy, Choto the Bright, Mum-O-Killowee and Rebecca Montagne come along for the ride. It's all fun and games until John's brother Ju finds himself in an untenable situation. Will John and his Kraken pals be able to pull his brother out of the fire?

  • Quentin, John Tweedy, Choto the Bright, Mum-O-Killowe and Rebecca Montagne are on Orbital Station 1 to rescue The Mad Ju. But getting to OS1 was only part of the challenge; now they have to find Ju — and safely get him back on the Hypatia — without running into Anna Villani's goons.

  • So you think the FDO™ cliffhangered you last episode on Orbital Station One, with Quentin, Becca, Choto and John facing off against Anna Villani to try and rescue The Mad Ju? Well, fear not, faithful Junkie! All those loose ends are tied up right here, right now.

  • Commissioner Froese and Gredok the Splithead exchange angry memos about the Grace McDermott investigation. Quentin gets a message from Ma Tweedy, and Ju Tweedy lines up for his first game as a Kraken against the Lu Juggernauts.

  • Quentin and Ju Tweedy have a heart-to-heart, and their fight for control of the Krakens begins. Did Quentin make the right choice bringing this guy in?

  • Quentin's first trip to a Sklorno world lets him see a new level of overpopulation, and also gives himhis first direct experience with the "Church of Quentin Barnes." The Krakens face the Alimum armada in a critical match-up. Ionath is on the relegation bubble, and badly needs this win.

  • Quentin and the Krakens head to the planet Satah to play the Coranadillana Cloudkillers. With Ju Tweedy's intentions unknowable on the field, Quentin struggles between listening to his instincts and running the plays that Hokor calls.

  • The Krakens face off against the Yall Criminals and the Hullwalkers in this giant episode spanning both weeks 10 & 11. Yet the real fight isn't out on the gridiron. As Ju jeopardizes the team's unity, and their divisional standing, Quentin realizes he'll do whatever it takes to keep the Krakens in Tier One.

  • The tension between Quentin and Ju has finally come to a head. Ju's intentionally detrimental antics on the field are hurting the Krakens in more ways than one: their divisional standing, the team's unity, and their ability to excel. It all ends, one way or the other, in this episode.

  • It's a must-win game against the toughest opponent possible: the defending GFL champion Jupiter Jacks. Quentin & company travel to the Sol System for a pitched gridiron battle in the Jupiter Net Colony. Denver was traded to the Jacks earlier in the season: will she be geared up for payback against the Krakens? If Ionath loses this one, they are relegated back to Tier Two.

  • Quentin and his fellow gridiron warriors square off against the Mars Planets -- winner stays in Tier 1, the loser is sent back down to Tier 2. The time for talk is over; Let's get it on!

  • This is it Junkies! The last episode of THE STARTER. Final season standings, including who wins the Galaxy Bowl and a bit of looking forward to next season. At the end of the episode there are a few author's notes, and a bunch of thank yous to the Junkies that created the team logos.

  • In a tradition dating back some five-plus years, we finish every podcast novel with a Q+A session, and THE STARTER is no exception. Listen in to nearly an hour of great Junkie questions about Book II in the GFL series. The Q+A is hosted by the Director of Doom herself, ARealGirl. We both sincerly hope you enjoyed listening to this story.

Question, what happened to the Rookie? I was going to listen to it again.
i think you totally screwed the pooch by supplementing the curse words with "fake" curse words. it completely ruined the characters. im sure you have your reasons (probably to widen your audience) but i think it was a bad move. with that being said, it was still worth listening to. ...
This author has a brilliant imagination, produces a great quality narration, creating an excellant story...and it's totally free. You can't lose... it's absolutely sensational. Do yourself a favour and listen to this. It's original, will make you laugh and even for a 100% English soccer punter like myself, am really ...
I find it refreshing that Scott has decided to leave out the profanity in this book. A lot of swearing in a book is sign of weak writing and lacks imagination IMHO. Swearing can in no way improve a book, it can only narrow your audience. People who don't mind ...
Enjoying the book and the previous books by Scott Sigler. Would love to hear a book about Frederico to find out more about his past, I feel that he is a person who could have his own series of books hope other people feel the same way.
The GFL series is awesome! The man has found a way to combine football, aliens, and gangsters! Listen to his books and then pay the man. How often do you get something for free and then decide if it was worth it? Check out some of his other books too. ...

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