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Imagine they set out to clone the Son of God.

Imagine they succeed...

The Holy Blood Altar, an elaborate shrine whose centerpiece is said to contain three drops of Jesus Christ’s blood, has for centuries adorned the west choir within the walls of a small, unassuming Catholic cathedral in Rothenberg, Germany. From the time of the Middle Ages the cathedral was little more than a tiny rest stop along the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela until an amazing confirmation was made there. The capsule within the shrine did indeed contain human blood.

When the blood was tested and found to match a sample of tissue taken from the Shroud of Turin, the Vatican, fearing desecration of the altar, immediately put an end to all testing and ordered the story suppressed. A powerful group of Catholic clergymen, believing their intervention would bring about the second coming of Christ, defy the Church. Starting small at first and building in numbers, they, together with prominent financial and political figures, resurrect an ancient, covert alliance known as ‘In hoc signo vinces.’ (In this, be victorious.) Although forbidden by both papal and international law, the group has but one goal: with the budding new science of bio-reanimation, it plans to clone Jesus Christ, regardless the cost.
Maria Rose, Jewish student and legendary UCLA campus beauty, is chosen to be the surrogate mother. Staggeringly beautiful, she is also strong willed and conniving, pulling fellow student Todd Riley into the fray in order to fulfill a ‘Vinces’ stipulation: The child must have both a surrogate mother and father.

From the moment the project begins, strange things start to happen:
Nobel laureate Doctor James Donahue, who vehemently rejected any involvement in the project, has a supernatural visitation in his hotel room.
A homeless, delusional schizophrenic inexplicably finds clarity, proclaims himself the champion of the only begotten son of the father, and becomes Brother Michael, a force to be reckoned with.

A man in the final stages of rabies sits up in his hospital bed and delivers an ominous message, which is followed by a monstrous, worldwide earthquake.

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  • Todd Riley, UCLA pre med student quit school and had every intention of returning to his home town of Muskogee Oklahoma until Maria Rose, his unrequited love interest, resurfaced with an unexpected proposition. A proposition that would eventually pull Todd and Maria, a Nobel Lauriat, an expert in the field of in vitro fertilization, a Catholic priest and a homeless schizophrenic to the city of Nashville Tennessee... setting the stage for an event unparalleled in human history.

  • The gathering has taken place... The plan splayed out on the table but not at all received in the way Father Jenkins and the Vinces had anticipated. Powerful new players will enter the arena forcing Jim Donahue and Dr. Perez to face persuasions neither one could have possibly anticipated. The incomprehensible reason for the gathering will finally be revealed to Todd Riley and the homeless schizophrenic "Jesus Christ" will be offered a new direction.

  • We learn that all is not as it seems with Father Jenkins. The two homeless tormenters, Barney and Pete, find their lives rocked to the core as a result of the schizophrenic "Jesus Christ" metamorphosis into the brooding and powerful Brother Michael.

  • A man in the final stages of rabies will sit up in his hospital bed and deliver an ominous message. Barney and Pete will receive an unexpected and macabre confirmation. Maria will pop the question and a threat of unimaginable proportions will enter the arena.

  • Todd and Maria will marry. Blaze Jenkins will begin a journey into his dark side. The President of the United States will be faced with a global challenge and Maria Rose will successfully conceive.

  • News of the asteroid will hit the media. Maria will show Todd an interesting side of her character. Todd will suffer the effects of an inexplicably profound experience and in the process, inadvertently stumble upon Blaze in a compromising position.

  • Todd and Blaze will have a frank and revealing discussion. The entire world will react to a disastrous accident that may very well compromise NASA's attempt to deflect the asteroid. Todd meets an interesting person while driving home. Barney will inadvertently challenge not only Brother Michael but the Father himself and Maria will let Todd in on an important dream.

  • Barney and Pete will receive a sign from The Father they hadn’t at all expected. NASA will begin earnestly ramping up their mission. Blaze will receive an unexpected visitor to his office and Todd and Maria will have a romantic picnic on the Cumberland.

  • Brother Michael will catch Pete and Sarah in a compromising position prompting a startling confession from Michael. The shuttle crews of both Atlantis and Endeavor will arrive at the space station, but another senseless accident may further compromise the mission.

  • Todd and Maria will begin their fateful journey to Nebraska but will encounter a formidable roadblock. Two interesting strangers will make an appearance. Todd will find himself sharing a jail cell with three disquieting characters bent on making themselves known and wind up forging a friendship. Blaze Jenkins will receive yet another unexpected visit, this time from two very unlikely assassins.

  • Todd will be released from isolation and back into Hector's world. A psychiatric patient will receive an important visitor. A twist in fate pulls Benjamin Santana back into the fray and Dante657 will finally be dealt with.

  • The world will face the apocalypse. Maria will be "rescued", but to what end? Todd learns firsthand how the prison system intends to deal with violent felons left in their charge.

  • Todd will make an unlikely truce and Dr Oliver will reveal his true nature.

  • Maria will learn Todd’s fate and begin a journey. Todd will stumble across an old enemy and learn his destiny, to face whatever future he has left without Maria. Barney and Pete's girlfriends may not be what they seem to be.

  • Todd will pay a poignant visit to the deserted house he and Maria once lived in and later make a life altering discovery at their old Cumberland River picnic site. The president is briefed on the state of the union. New international alliances will be formed and broken.

  • Todd and Maria will revel in their reunion and Maria will make a solemn vow. Todd will have his confrontation with the enigmatic Brother Michael before he and Maria begin what could very well be their final journey. The United States Marine corps will deal with an all American family of refugees.

  • The world continues to reel in the wake of the impending asteroid impact. The Wheeler family will be confronted with the reality of having to forever say goodbye to their beloved homeland. Maria begins her labor and struggles with her budding family's impending doom and the President of the United States makes one last ditch attempt to save the nation.

  • Eric Wheeler has a chance to shake the President of the United State's hand just prior to his relinquishing U.S. sovereignty to the European Union. Todd and Maria will discover the startling identity of the dark stranger and the Son of Man will be born.

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