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Paulo, a domestic servant with a reputation for back-talk, is witness to a political murder. When a soothsayer is brought in to solve the crime, she sees Paulo as a tool: he can get close to the suspect, whereas she, as a known mind-reader, would instantly be recognized as a threat. But if Paulo works for her, he may get black-balled by the corporation that provides him job, room, and board. He will certainly get caught in a political conspiracy. If that weren't enough, there are stories that soothsayers can cause terrible psychic damage, and this one, people say, has something of a temper.

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  • Paulo San Xavier is a domestic servant for a state councilor. He has to walk a fine line between his manager, his employer, and his own need to preserve his humanity. But things are about to get even more difficult for him, as a dinner party is disrupted by an uninvited guest.

  • Stiles, the Soothsayer, interviews the family, guests, and the servants. She uncovers several secrets, including one that gets someone arrested, and one that will cause Paulo to lose his temper.

  • Facing the prospect of being labeled a bad debt and reduced to homelessness and begging, Paulo takes a job at a night club. The job was a set-up, and Paulo is trapped. Then the soothsayer shows up again, and Paulo gets first-hand experience in why people are so afraid of her.

  • Anne proposes to employ Paulo, but the price of her help is steep: he will be labeled a bad debt, he will have to get himself arrested, and if anyone realizes he is working for her, he may never see the light of day again.

  • Anne and Paulo quarrel over the way she hires her own domestic servant. Then he has to trust Anne to bail him out, as he surrenders himself to the police, in search of their suspect, the Ostrich. But Paulo is going to be there a long time without seeing anyone who could be the man.

  • Paulo has discovered that Anne's suspect in the murder of Councilor O'Rourke is the Police Commissioner. Paulo tricks the police into believing he had been hired by his old boss, Councilor De la Mer. Anne can tell that Paulo thinks her servant Usha is pretty and that he enjoyed her company, so they quarrel again. Then, Paulo makes a serious mistake.

  • Paulo's mistake has fiery consequences. Paulo and Anne go into hiding, and Anne tells him what has become of the last two to call themselves her friends.

  • Anne and Paulo confront their suspects. Anne can quickly get her evidence, but will either of them live long enough to get away? Paulo must confront Pendersly alone, someone is going to be shot, and Anne will face Pendersly in a duel of terror.

  • With both Paulo and Anne critically hurt, their only hope is to delay long enough for Anne's transmitter to do its work. The Servant and the Soothsayer comes to its conclusion in the ward of a psychiatric hospital.

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