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Peter Everett is a man stained with grief, his life becomes a struggle of decisions as he watches the lives of the people around him dissolve and burn.

Mags Donne is a damaged, bruised young girl, reaching out into the darkness, trying to take control of her life.

Their Scars are what begin to unite them, with the people that surround them.

The Scars is a novel of difficulty, hatred, love, intrigue, kidnap, wrongdoing, abuse, laughter and beauty.

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  • Peter Everett lives, loves and loses.

  • Peter cuts his ties with his beloved north east as the Ancient Mariner's Rime rings hard in his ears. He begins his tenure at Smithfield high, and meets a group of people who will change his life forever.

  • Peter Everett finds himself drawn into the complicated lives of those around him. The past sneaks out at him from behind every corner, and his concerns find their seed.

  • Peter's worries about Mags increase, he notices oddities and signifiers that worry his growing teacher's senses. His exciting computer christmas present pails slightly on the first day back at school, and Emma needs to talk.

  • Chance and accident sets the wheels in motion that will free Mags from her internalised torment, as Peter becomes her unwitting white knight.

  • Mags tells her story.

  • Mags' trial draws arrives, and Peter takes matters into his own hands.

  • Mags tries to rebuild her shattered life, and a few well chosen words from Emma change more lives than she imagines.

  • Emma feels her life begin to disintegrate and Jazz Griffiths makes a life changing phone call.

  • Jazz learns of her mistake and Peter remains scar free.

  • Someone new comes to Smithfield and Emma's world comes crashing down.

  • Everything in Peter's life is changing, nothing is as it seems, and an old truth makes it, finally to the surface.

  • Peter begins to view Alice in a different light, and the internet provides a shining lifeline. p.s. The Manchester Christmas Markets are truly awesome, please go if you ever can

  • Peter decides the identity of his online love.

  • Peter bears his soul to Leia, and seeks advice from those around him.

  • Alice brings about the greatest shift in Peter's world, and two hearts begin to soar.

  • Peter and Mags spin in each other's whirlpools, and somewhere the bells start to chime.


  • Mags is still missing and Emma has a life changing accusation to make.

  • Ed Everett enters Smithfield and Peter's world unravels, but something dark is lurking

  • All of the threads become woven

I'm 5 episodes into the story but it just hasn't caught my interest. The audio effects are very annoying. The regular narration is fine and well done, but the two other effects are quite grating. One sounds like the reader is standing in a big tunnel, the other quite tinny ...
Only listened to the first three podcasts so far and I can relate to the story more than some of the fantasy books I have listened to from Podio books. I suppose that I used to be a teacher and that it is from a British writer makes it more ...
For anyone interested, the next one is written and being recorded at the moment. The editing bit is a long process, but I hope to have the first few episodes out in the next few months! Thanks for the compliment!
I absolutly loved the story and you have a most beautiful reading voice. Please write another as you obviously have a talent but failing that you must do more audio readings as you definately have the voice for it. Well done on both writing and oratory production. I listened to ...
An engaging read! Complex and mildly disturbing. The characters slow slip out of the mainstream lend credibility to what would seem like unlikely reactions and circumstances. I enjoyed that you refrained from deconstructing every action and reaction, leaving the reader things to ponder. Thanks for presenting your work in this ...
I *loved* this book! THe characters were *so* well fleshed-out that they stay in my mind even now, that I'm finished the book. The plot was so excellent, that it quickly became my favourite podiobook and the fiest one I'd listen to everyday. I had to know what happened next! ...
wow, thanks for the compliment. This story is ALL about the inner conflict! :) and in the episodes to come, it only gets more intense. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.
You have a really beautiful voice. If this is your first podiobook, then you most certainly have the "showman" gene. But I have wondered for awhile about how a more introspective inner conflict story would translate to audio... as opposed to a slam dunk action /scfi/horror/fantasy/ thriller. I'm not sure, ...
I've read that about a thousand times and not spotted that. thanks! will sort it as soon as i can. :)

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