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Cover for 'The Prince of Hazel and Oak'

Podiobooks no. 1 voted podcast returns for another action and laugh packed sequel. Finally listeners can find out what happened to Conor on his return to the Real World from Tir na Nog. (He was arrested for his father’s murder.)

Join Conor (and a very confused Scranton cop) as they try to survive The Prince of Duir's chaotic return to The Land.

The Prince of Hazel and Oak is the second novel from real life magician and comedian - John Lenahan. John’s first novel, Shadowmagic, is available in paperback, epub and Kindle editions from HarperCollins UK. For more details go to www.shadowmagic.co.uk

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Grand story! A wonderful continuation of Coner's story. Hoping the finale gets posted up here on podiobooks too.
I've listened to both books twice now and have read "The Sons of Macha". I have to say that I love the entire series. Would love to hear the 3rd on here. Your narration makes them more enjoyable.
I received the third book in the post, I can't wait to start it.
I had no idea the 3rd book was out! Do you plan on doing an audio version?
Great series! I only do paper books at the beach, but Sons of Macha may have to be an exception... Unless you audible is clever enough to pick up your series???? But your narration really does make the story. Please do consider adding it to podiobooks when you can.
Just finished it, so much enjoyable like the first book, I just couldnt help myself, just ordered the sons of macha from bookdepository. will miss the narration, I hope you get sometime in the future to post it here on podiobooks. Keep up the good work. Greetings from Mexico
Hey! love listening to your audio book, it's really great work. I do hope you will continue writing books and giving us happiness through them as you have done with these two books i've just listened to. Thanks alot from Sweden!
Just wanted to say that my wife and I have loved listening to your Shadowmagic series, John. I'm happy the series is being received so well. Keep up the wonderful story and good luck with your future writing endeavors. I look forward to reading book 3.
Matt: Amazon UK shows Shadowmagic - Sons of Macha with a March 14 release date in paperback for next year. I saw the goodreads info on it, not sure if that's right or an old date.
Hey, just wanted to let you know that I greatly enjoyed this book. I finished Shadowmagic late last week, and was bummed about having to wait for number 2 until I realized the feed I was using had the wrong dates and Hazel and Oak was already out! Now I'm ...

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