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Podiobooks no. 1 voted podcast returns for another action and laugh packed sequel. Finally listeners can find out what happened to Conor on his return to the Real World from Tir na Nog. (He was arrested for his father’s murder.)

Join Conor (and a very confused Scranton cop) as they try to survive The Prince of Duir's chaotic return to The Land.

The Prince of Hazel and Oak is the second novel from real life magician and comedian - John Lenahan. John’s first novel, Shadowmagic, is available in paperback, epub and Kindle editions from HarperCollins UK. For more details go to www.shadowmagic.co.uk

Copyright (c) John Lenahan 2011, audio hosted on Podiobooks with his permission under a Creative Commons Attribution, no Commercial Use, No Derivative Works 3.0 license.

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