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Calvin, an intelligence operative, is sent to eliminate a dangerous traitor. But as he chases his prey across the stars, he realizes they are both pawns in a shadowy chess game--one that threatens humankind everywhere.

If he is to uncover the conspiracy he must confront--and embrace--the darkest elements of the galaxy. And throw himself, his career, and everyone he loves into the line of fire.

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  • Asari Raidan, a prisoner on his own ship, is taken to stand trial. Calvin Cross, an intelligence officer, is eager to discover why a venerated captain would betray the Empire. The ever-beautiful Summers Presley refuses to cooperate with Calvin's investigation. Calvin receives a mysterious call.

  • Raidan's military trial begins. Representatives from the Rotham Republic demand the death penalty. Calvin reflects on the mystery with his crew--why had a hero of the Empire gone rogue? Raidan has an ace up his sleeve.

  • Calvin is ordered to hunt down Raidan and the stolen Harbinger. An unwanted newcomer joins the crew. Calvin is contacted by Princess Kalila under strange circumstances.

  • Princess Kalila summons Calvin to a clandestine meeting. The intrigue surrounding Raidan increases. A deadly stranger comes aboard the Nighthawk.

  • The "lycan" creates trouble for Calvin and crew. Two Special Forces soldiers disappear along with crucial surveillance footage. Calvin refuses to let the Nighthawk suffer the same fate as the Trinity; he strikes a dangerous bargain.

  • Calvin goes to Aleator (a criminal utopia) where Raidan was last seen. A lethal trap is sprung. The missing soldiers are interrogated.

  • Calvin tracks Raidan to Brimm Outpost. Calvin and Summers debate strategy. Brimm refuses to cooperate. Calvin schemes to slip an operative aboard the outpost.

  • Shen infiltrates Brimm Station on Calvin's orders. Raidan continues his killing spree. Calvin and crew are fast on Raidan's heels.

  • Calvin and crew puzzle over the clues. Raidan is en route to Zendricun Alpha but Calvin wishes to go the other way--to Abia. He must choose between his career and the answers he craves.

  • Calvin is forced to deceive his own crew. Summers shows her manipulative colors.

  • Calvin and his closest officers conspire to take the ship to Abia. Calvin challenges Summers directly.

  • Calvin and Summers fight for control of the Nighthawk.

  • Full blown mutiny. Meanwhile a menace haunts Abia.

  • The Nighthawk's crewmembers fight for their very lives against the alien threat. All hope rests on the black beacon and Fifth Fleet.

  • Certain death faces the crew of the IWS Nighthawk.

  • Calvin reflects on the path that has led him here, mentally bracing himself for the struggle to come.

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