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Well over a quarter century old, Morris and Linda Tannehill’s iconoclastic "The Market for Liberty" is one of the most important books of our time. Written originally in 1970, it is even more relevant now in an era of rapidly vanishing personal liberty caused by an ever more intrusive and expensive government. “The Market for Liberty” is the antidote to years of government indoctrination, lies and misinformation.

Using clear and concise language, the Tannehills provide an entire rethinking of the whole organization of society, advocating the use of natural law and voluntary interaction as the basis for it rather than the force and coercion of government.

Read by Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live.

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  • Intro, Chapter 1 - If We Don't Know Where We're Going..., Chapter 2: Man and Society.

  • Chapter 03 - The Self-Regulating Market

  • Chapter 04 - Government: An Unnecessary Evil

  • Chapter 05 - A Free and Healthy Economy

  • Chapter 06 - Property: The Great Problem Solver

  • Chapter 07 - Arbitration of Disputes

  • Chapter 08 - Protection of Life and Property

  • Chapter 09 - Dealing with Coercion

  • Chapter 10 - Rectification of Injustice/Chapter 11 - Warring Defense Agencies and Organized Crime

  • Chapter 12 - Legislation and Objective Law

  • Chapter 13 - Foreign Aggression

  • Chapter 14 - The Abolition of War

  • Chapter 15 - From Government to Laissez Faire

  • Chapter 16 - The Force Which Shapes the World/Recommendations by Ian Freeman

Amazing stuff. Very well thought out, and recording is high quality. thank you for doing this, for liberty! Michael Dean Right Arm of Wyoming.
Thanks for the compliments, guys. You will definitely notice a difference in this edition of The Market For Liberty compared to the standard "cut" anywhere else. This is version is 128kbps, mixed from a 256kbps source with new intros and outros condensed into 14 episodes perfect for listening to on ...
Excellent book. Glad to see it on Podiobooks (I listened to it when it was still only on Freekeene.com)
This ideas in this book can turn any republican, democrat, or libertarian into advocates for a voluntary society.
Great reading. I finished it last week. Excellent book.
Absolutely brilliant book. Makes you realize how we truly aren't free. Excellent reading as well by Ian Freeman. Fantastic audio quality.

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