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A hidden city called Leviathan lies deep within the dark trenches of the Pacific Ocean. The city is home to a community of immortals that sought to create a utopia over 1,000 years ago. For a millennia, they lived in peace and secrecy, gently influencing world events to aid the advancement of mankind. But a terrible secret has been kept deep within the catacombs of Leviathan that threatens the existence of the immortals, and quite possibly the entire world.

One woman named Macallan Orsel, a young genetic scientist in New York, discovers she is descended from a group of immortals that rebelled against Leviathan and are now waging a civil war around the globe. As the immortal war spills into the realm of mortal man, Macallan realizes that she holds the key to stopping the battle and bringing peace to Leviathan. But a clandestine government agency called The Blackdoor Group is trying to exterminate the immortal population and has identified Macallan as their critical target.

The Leviathan Chronicles is a revolutionary science fiction audio drama podcast featuring the voices of over 60 actors, professional sound effects and an original music soundtrack. For more information and additional audio content, visit our website at www.leviathanchronicles.com.

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  • A highly advanced submarine called the Hei Ten Shi leaves China on a secret mission to deliver an otherworldly cargo to the Mariana Trench in the South Pacific. But when something goes mysteriously wrong, the clandestine ship is discovered by patrolling U.S. Naval forces aboard the SSN Dakota which detect the ship's unusual acoustic signature. But before Dakota can investigate further, the Hei Ten Shi explodes. One year later, a CIA operative named Whitt Roberts is called down to a highly classified division of the CIA known as The Blackdoor Group. He has been charged with investigating the disappearance of the SSN Dakota and the unexplained illness still plaguing its crew. But the Blackdoor Chief knows more than he's letting on, and soon has Whitt deployed on a much more dangerous mission.

  • A young woman named Macallan Orsel is a genetic scientist living in New York City. She and her research partner James Saltzer are searching to the answer to human longevity. While working in her laboratory, she is urgently called to come to the bedside of her ailing grandmother Amelia Orsel who has been suffering from a mysterious disease causing her to experience strange hallucinations and hear voices calling to her. She keeps repeating the word "Leviathan" which has no meaning to Macallan. After watching her grandmother fall asleep, Macallan decides to spend the night in her grandmother's grand apartment and during the night makes an astounding discovery.

  • Macallan awakes in her grandmother's apartment and realizes she is late to teach her class at Rockefeller University. She rushes to campus but meets a strange doctor along the way that says he is treating Macallan's ailing grandmother. He also claims to have knowledge about Leviathan. But before he can explain, Macallan is kidnapped by four individuals that claim to be immortal. These immortals are part of a community known as Leviathan that desperately need Macallan's help to find something called The Key. When she rushes back to tell her partner James Saltzer what has happened, she makes a horrible discovery.

  • After finding her boyfriend dead and being accused of murder, Macallan flees New York City and heads towards Alaska where the Leviathan Group has sent her. But disobeying the immortal's instructions, Macallan chooses to journey to the port city of Homer, instead of Anchorage where she was instructed to go. There she finds the Hail Mary, a dilapidated salvage boat captained by Jeffery Tulley and his First Mate Oberlin St. Clair who are down-on-their-luck treasure hunters. After reluctantly agreeing to help Macallan find a shipwreck called the Cedar Elm, an assassination team arrives at the harbor and launches a massive assault on the Hail Mary driving Macallan, Tulley and Oberlin out to sea in the middle of a dangerous storm.

  • Macallan and Tulley assemble what’s left of the Hail Mary’s damaged reconnaissance gear to make a run at the Cedar Elm, a mysterious shipwreck that has been detected in several different locations. Seinshun has told Macallan that the key to saving her grandmother’s life lies within the wreck. In the meantime, the immortals in Sutton Manor are desperate to locate Macallan since she went undercover several days ago.

  • Oberlin awakes from a chemically induced fog to find himself tied up in an abandoned oil rig. A strange voice begins interrogating and torturing him. The person wants to know one thing: Where is Macallan Orsel? Macallan and Tulley are badly injured by the sudden explosion on the Cedar Elm. They find themselves trapped in a dead sub that is upside down wedged beside a deep overhang in the ocean canyons. The positioning of the sub makes using the emergency lift bags impossible, and not enough power remains to attempt other rescue protocols. But despite their dire predicament, a far deadlier threat lies waiting for them in the surface.

  • Macallan activates the communications device secretly given to her by Anton and Othello. The pair immediately rush to her aid and rescue her and Tulley from freezing to death in the Gulf of Alaska. During the flight, Macallan examines the sarcophagus, which represents the supposed Key that the immortals have been searching for. The sarcophagus opens to reveal a cavity inside into which Macallan climbs. Once inside, she finds her body transformed as her recessed immortal genes become activated and she becomes a full-fledged member of Leviathan.

  • Macallan, Tulley, Anton & Othello travel to the Indian city of Mumbai to meet with a mysterious figure to understand the origins of immortality on Earth.

  • In this Episode, Evangeline struggles to heal the aliens, while discord in Somnertock grows around her.

  • In the conclusion of the flashback, Evangeline reaches the final confrontation with Kriegerson and his fervent congregation. And the Aliens make Evangeline an offer that she can't refuse....

  • Jason Sterling's secret weapon is finally unleashed and Operation Butterfly is launched. Macallan and Tulley have to fight to stay alive. Get ready for the most action packed episode yet!!!

  • A dark shadow has fallen over the Rebellion. Othello has been killed and the Mumbai base is in disarray. A single tooth filling from the Enforcer attack provides a clue to a secret laboratory near Japan. Seinshun dispatches Macallan, Tulley, and Anton to London to recruit a mysterious immortal to assist in the infiltration mission. But this immortal has a grudge against Anton and some ancient history will have to be unearthed.

  • The Rebel team of Macallan, Tulley, Anton and Harlequinn attempt to break into the secret Advanced Materials laboratory of Nankatsu Industries to discover the connection to the Blackdoor Group. The rogue Starstone continues to send out its deadly signal killing the immortals. But the answers to deactivating it lie hidden within Nankatsu.

  • In this episode, the rebel team of Macallan, Tulley, Harlequinn and Anton are trapped in the Nankatsu Advanced Materials Laboratory near Japan. They are seeking answers as to the connection between Nankatsu and The Blackdoor Group. But Macallan has been betrayed by Harlequinn and Tulley's injuries have left a trail of blood to be discovered by the scientists working in the facility. Guards are approaching and time is running out for the team to escape...

  • Macallan, Tulley, Anton and Harlequinn escape from the Nankatsu Submersible Proving Grounds. But their breakout may be short lived…And in another part of the world, Oberlin St. Clair finally awakes from a drug-induced stupor to finally confront the villain that has subdued him for weeks. Will he find a way to break out of his prison as well??

  • Oberlin has escaped from the Idrasil and is on the run! But before he can get far, he is picked up by a beautiful secret agent who explains how the Chinese military first obtained a Starstone. But Whitt Roberts hasn’t finished with Oberlin yet and will stop at nothing to get him - and the briefcase he stole – back into the hands of the Blackdoor Group.

  • A young immortal named Nathaniel escapes from Leviathan with a deadly secret and is hunted through the streets of Amsterdam. He is racing to find safety within the Rebellion but a lethal assassin named Gravlar tries to kill him first. Meanwhile, back in Sutton Manor, Seinshun wrestles with the guilt of his decision to rebel and tries to find comfort with Ikoro. And back in Beijing, Mai Lee and Oberlin are running for their lives. She reveals to him how the Chinese lost the Starstone and the origins of Hei Ten Shi's secret mission.

  • Nathaniel Pratt has arrived in New York City with schematics that he stole from Leviathan City. He is offered sanctuary within the Rebellion. But when Seinshun picks him up, he discovers that Nathaniel and immortal population despise his Rebellion. But to make matters worse, Nathaniel continues to be stalked by the deadly immortal assassin, Gravlar, who will eliminate anyone that stands in his way. Someone in this episode has to die.

  • Mai Lee and Oberlin are on the Tangula Railway racing to Tibet to fulfill a mysterious mission that is finally revealed. A secret from Mai Lee's past exposes the ultimate fate of the Hei Ten Shi and her connection to it. Lastly, the briefcase that Whitt Roberts claimed, "allowed him to talk to Gods" is finally opened.

  • The story returns to Macallan, Tulley, Harlequinn & Anton who are racing to get to the Mariana Trench in a stolen submarine. Using the data they uncovered from Nankatsu Industries, they believe they have identified the last known location of the Hei Ten Shi. Somewhere in wreckage, they hope to find clues regarding the rogue Starstone which threatens the survival of the immortal race.

  • Anton is dying. Macallan must take desperate steps to save his life and decides to literally step into the unknown and descend down the Marianas Trench, the deepest point on Earth. There, she discovers the entrance to Leviathan - the secret immortal city created over 1,000 years ago. Inside she finally comes face-to-face with Evangeline and finally discovers what lies within the walls of Leviathan!

  • Macallan wakes up in Leviathan and is invited by Evangeline to explore the city and meet some of its fascinating inhabitants. But their outing is cut short by news of a major security breech within the Leviathan computer mainframe. Evangeline realizes that she has been betrayed by someone very close to her… and there will be hell to pay.

  • Mai Lee and Oberlin St. Clair are on their way to the capital city of Lhasa with the mysterious briefcase they stole from the Blackdoor Group. But Whitt Roberts has secretly boarded the train…and he wants his briefcase back. At the same time, Seinshun and Nathaniel have landed in Tibet and are racing to find clues as to the whereabouts of Macallan Orsel.

  • The unlikely team of Whitt Roberts, Oberlin St. Clair and Mai Lee trek through the remote mountains of Tibet. Because of the vast landscape that lies ahead, The Blackdoor Group calls in some sinister support to complete their mysterious extraction mission. And back in Leviathan, Harlequinn and Bennu finally face off in a deadly showdown that has been brewing for centuries. And on a lighter note, Tulley discovers a dive bar in Leviathan.

  • The Season Finale is here! In the first part of this huge double length chapter, two mysterious worlds are about to collide! Seinshun and Nathaniel race to Mount Chenglung to intercept Whitt Roberts before his nefarious plan can unfold. Oberlin reluctantly helps Mai Lee find her father but instantly regrets his decision. Macallan learns the heavy burden of leadership. A covert union between Leviathan and Blackdoor is revealed. And deep within Leviathan Cathedral, a secret is exposed that Evangeline has fought to keep hidden for 1,000 years. Find out who lives and who dies in the epic conclusion to Season 1 of The Leviathan Chronicles.

  • The Season Finale is here! In the last part of this huge double length chapter, two mysterious worlds are about to collide! Harlequinn is on the run and has finally met his match. Macallan learns the heavy burden of leadership. A covert union between Leviathan and Blackdoor is revealed. And deep within Leviathan Cathedral, a secret is exposed that Evangeline has fought to keep hidden for 1,000 years. Find out who lives and who dies in the epic conclusion to Season 1 of The Leviathan Chronicles.

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