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The Laughing Princess is a collection of 12 interrelated stories told to a brother and sister of that special age at which they had recently discovered that their parents did not always understand them.

Petra and Daniel are bored by the quaint fishing Village where their parents have chosen to holiday, until they picnic alone on a beach below a ruined castle. There, they encounter a small but powerful Dragon who tells them stories in which they meet a princess, a wizard, a blind man in love, a dull fellow who learns to laugh, a thief-of-hearts musician, a poet, a warrior, a beautiful girl with ambitions, a tavern girl who meets a witch, and a queen who defies a sea rover -- each one involving a different dragon.

Their world will never be the same. 

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  • “The Littlest Dragon” In which Petra and Daniel meet a small but powerful dragon.

  • “The Laughing Princess” In which a princess in a sailboat meets a sea dragon.

  • “The Wizard and the Fire Dragon” In which a retired wizard unexpectedly conjures up a fire dragon.

  • “Elemental Exchange” In which a blind man matches wits with a mountain of a dragon.

  • “The Solemn Son and the Boulder-Roller” In which a playful dragon teaches a dull fellow to laugh.

  • “The Thief of Hearts and the Dragonets” In which three small dragons help a musician decide who and what he really loves.

  • “The Warrior and the Trickster Dragon” In which a warrior fights a shape-shifting dragon.

  • “Ryll’s Fortune” In which a rich man’s pretty daughter asks a dragon for what she deserves.

  • “The Poet and the Angular Dragon” In which a lonely dragon becomes the muse of a troubled poet.

  • “The Witch and the Tavern Wench” In which a dragon saves two unusual women.

  • “The Queen and the Sea Rover” In which the princess, now queen, revisits the sea dragon to save her grand-daughter.

  • “Dragon Dawn” In which two young people find their place in the history of dragons.

Absolutely delightful! Seymour not only writes elegantly and draws us gradually in to his fictional children's Scandinavian adventure, but he reads his story with an engaging voice and rhythm. I will now out to Chapters to buy a hard cover for my Kindergarten-teacher daughter. But as an adult, I will ...
I loved this book! Not only is it good for children, adults will find lots to enjoy in these tales too!
This is a charming and original story collection concerning dragons. My favorites involve a fierce small dragon and a sea-going one large in size and wisdom. The human characters are equally memorable, and the elegant language of the tales will delight adult listeners and children.

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