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Acclaimed by readers worldwide, this first installment in The Immortal series presents unique and mystical teachings in a way that captures the imagination. In a provocative synthesis of both fiction and non-fiction, this dramatic story draws from the author's many true life experiences to create an account of one man's encounter with a virtual immortal--John, the Beloved, the Revelator, an Apostle of Jesus, perhaps the most mysterious man in history.

Joseph, the main character, perseveres in his unfolding journey to obtain greater knowledge and understanding of the higher truths and ageless wisdom...and the mysteries of the ages. What is true and what is fiction? That is for the reader to determine.

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  • Elizabeth--how we met and my realization that she was even more than I was looking for. Discovering Elizabeth's life-threatening illness, and searching for answers. Is it my imagination? I hear them for the first time---the bells---gentle, penetrating, familiar, soft, yet very real bells.

  • Surprisingly, I find the source of the the bell sounds, and now I'm even more curious than ever. Something different is going on here... somehow my whole body and soul resonates to the vibration of the bells.

  • Something within compels me to follow my gut feelings, and I decide that I must talk to the bell ringer himself. I make my initial acquaintance with the bell ringer, and begin to sense that there's possibly much more to this man than meets the eye.

  • I make the incredible discovery that this man is John, the fisherman, the son of Zebedee, the apostle. How do I know this? A clue is given in the mysterious scripture: John 21:22-23. John reveals more about his immortal past. John tells me of his purpose, and the mission he has for me to teach the Twelve Keys of Knowledge.

  • The hint to the first Key is the question: WHO OR WHAT ARE YOU? Coming up with an answer to this seemingly simple, but unusual question, proves to be a real challenge.

  • Elizabeth, with skepticism, suggests to me if this John is for real than he should have no problem healing her. I find and catch up with John again. His unusual answers to my questions begin to reveal a wisdom that intensifies my curiosity.

  • Elizabeth meets John for the first time. With a toast, "May the truth always prevail", our many questions get underway. For the first time in several hundred years, John opens up to questions about his identity and fascinating past. John explains the difference between lower and higher knowledge. Elizabeth gives John quite an interrogation.

  • John explains the phrase "no pain, no gain" in the context of the human learning experience. It may seem to us that we are the highest lives in the universe and that what we do only affects ourselves. We are part of a greater whole that is joined together by the Holy Spirit, and each as an individual life has three things to learn, develop, and enhance. All disease, pain, and suffering are meant to teach us something, having both physical and spiritual ingredients. Elizabeth can be healed if she and I can solve the first three keys of knowledge before it's too late.

  • Could the illnesses and problems we experience be tied to how and to what extent we give them our attention? We contemplate what John said about sending our thoughts and fears to their right place. I meet up with my dear long-time friend Wayne, who is a character as well as a philosopher, to help me explore the question. Just as I thought, Wayne has some excellent insight. "So, do you think that is true? Do you really think we are Gods?" A review of Psalms 82 and chapter 10 of John provides insight on what Jesus said what we are.

  • Unexpectedly, I discover John has left town without a trace... and Elizabeth starts to lose her strength fast from the illness. The urgency sets in that Elizabeth and I will have to do everything possible to solve the first key. I seek out the input from a friend who knows New Age doctrines. New Agers reason that we are basically gods who have forgotten we are gods. It sounds too simple. After falling asleep that night, I have an unusually vivid dream that incites some serious contemplation. The voice of God in the dream presents the possibility that John is not a true teacher but some kind of evil incarnate. I must choose between the two Johns, but which is the true John? When facing difficult decisions, go with that which is most real to your soul, and gives you peace instead of fear. My baptism of fire.

  • I wonder if John will show up again to make good on his promise from last week to meet me. As the day closes, I am disappointed that I've not heard from him. Then the bells... Meeting up with John again (finally!) is of great moment with all the new questions I have. John explains that if one always following the highest he knows--that is, follow the light of truth and the Holy Spirit within--he will find truth and avoid great illusion. There must be opposition in all things: The Adversary and the Dark Brothers. Is there really such a thing as a burning Hell? The Disciples of Christ, or the Brotherhood of Light, always honor free will. Unlike the Dark Brothers who exert force for selfish purposes. The purpose of the outside world is to stimulate us with experience, and the purpose of the inner (God within) is to verify. Both are necessary in understanding truth that exists in all things.

  • John again reiterates to me the importance of listening to the precise words that he says, as he asks, "WHO OR WHAT ARE YOU?" As our discussion continues, John points out the many Bible references where Jesus indicates that we are gods. John smiled, "Unrealized truth clearly presented can cause a great disturbance. The master at this was Joshua, or Jesus." Another hint from John: To better understand who and what you are it is helpful to know what you are not. If I am not my body, my emotions or my mind - what remains?

  • Returning to home in the wee hours of the morning after talking to John, I find Elizabeth not asleep but awake. Elizabeth and I do our best to understand the meaning of John's instruction that I ask her if she had discovered the thoughts and fears she had been hiding from herself. I feel that John might be on to something---that Elizabeth's illness is somehow related to hidden thoughts and fears that she has suppressed and maybe even forgot about. Elizabeth reflects on some events during her childhood, which if they were never quite completely resolved, could be the suppression that her present illness stems from.

  • At our weekly breakfast together, Wayne and I discuss Corinthians 1:12 and we arrive at some ideas that help me to understand what we are not. If we are a cell in the body of God we are not incorrect in saying we are Gods. Do you think this is what Jesus meant when he He said ye are gods? Even though everyone has a different idea as to what is God, life, and who we are, it makes sense that we could all become one in thought. If I suppose that my thoughts are not part of my true self and I am separated from them. What is left?

  • Just as I got seated in my car and turned the key in the ignition, I find myself teleported to where John is at in another time and place. John presses for my answer the important question at hand, while he also discloses of a mission that I have ahead of me. John provides another hint, which revolves around the mystery of God that I've been contemplating. What's in a name? In the story of Moses, Moses asked God what his name was. The standard translation in most Bibles states that God said "I AM THAT I AM." John illuminates that God has many names because He is many things to many people in many times, and changing. Before being teleported back, I learn there are many disciples in the world that the Brotherhood of Light is working with in the purpose of assisting an evolving humanity.

  • With the loss of the use of her legs, Elizabeth's illness seems worse than ever. I must contemplate the newest hints to arrive at the first key if this is to lead to her healing. My good friend Wayne, ever a student in philosophy, is intrigued as he and I discuss how may be our own essence has something to do with the process of becoming. I AM implies a static, unchangeable state. I AM BECOMING implies a constant changing and moving toward a higher state. The answer may be motion.

  • While I was away, Elizabeth's terribly close call with someone who posed as John. I return home to find her very shaken with a complete look of terror on her face. The John imposter said I AM SELF. I, the self, is all that matters. However, to those who are good, self is not the ultimate. It is the connection with all other selves which is the ultimate. We seem to be getting closer to an answer. The best I can come up with is that we are composed of movement itself, which explains why we are becoming.

  • A knock on our door... it's John! He tells us that Elizabeth's encounter was with one of the adversaries of light. In their presence, you will often feel a drain of energy that is unexplainable. When you yield to the illusionary authority of the Dark Brothers, you become a subject and source of their power. You can easily neutralize any dark agent by completely releasing yourself from all his so-called authority and recognizing only one authority. The key is to realize there is only one authority. That authority is the Holy Spirit and can only be contacted from within. If you are focused on the Spirit within, you will feel a confirmation within to help you discern that which is truth (light) versus that which is not (darkness). I give John my best understanding of an answer at this point of who or what you are--that we are motion or action of some kind. John asks, "What is it that is in motion and what is the force creating the motion?"

  • With a beautiful parable, John provides us a major hint towards discovering the answer to "Who or What Are You?" Dave, one of the characters in the parable, makes a difficult choice and winds up in a place called Hell, but yet he overcomes all and transforms it into Heaven. John provides more details about the "mission" that he's hinted on before. Then, a walk through of Revelations 14:1-5.

  • John reveals the Song, and instructs to say the Song of the soul at least once a day, and visualize all those who can sing with you as if they were in your presence and enjoying the Light and Love and Power of the Father-Mother God. The true singing of the Song of the 144,000 is accomplished on three levels: the physical, emotional and mental planes, which opens the door of the spiritual. John states that my time is up, and I must now provide him the right key word to answer the Question. If I don't have it, our relationship is at an end. John and I sat in silence, and during that interlude I did not have to ask him if the key word was correct. I knew it was as the inner voice confirmed it to me. Never let fear of failure prevent you from taking action. Remember the lesson of the parable. Always take action on the highest you know and you will learn from your mistakes and eventually meet with success. Learn to trust what the Spirit confirms to you. John explains the first stage of my mission is to write several books giving out new teachings and keys to the world. Even though everyone has a different idea as to what is God, life, and who we are, it makes sense that we could all become one in thought. My mission begins Epilogue on The Immortal, and an invitation to continue the journey.

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