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Rising above your station can be deadly.

Cliffy is a child born on the streets of a Neo-Victorian world. Witnesses to a murder, he blackmails a nobleman, receiving a unique bribe. In exchange for his silence, the nobleman introduces him to the Malcolm Rutherford Holden Institute of Regentrification. There, Cliffy learns to walk, talk, and act like a nobleman, so that he may infiltrate high society. But that type of fraud is punishable by death, and when Cliffy uncovers a plot to assassinate a head of state, he's hunted by more than just the aristocracy.

Royal intrigue, daring escapes, sub-dermal machines, and bear polo. A grand adventure in a not-so-distant world.

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  • A street urchin in a neo-Victorian world stumbles upon a murder, and is embroiled in a unique form of blackmail.

  • Cliffy finds it difficult to leave home, and discovers that his fellow students aren't all very welcoming.

  • Cliffy travels to the institute, and finds out just how lethal their discipline is.

  • Cliffy learns the history behind the Institute, and meets his metal servant.

  • Cliffy attends his first classes and attempts escape. In the process, he uncovers a secret cabal.

  • Cliffy has his "teacher" installed, and learns how economic forces created the government he lives in.

  • Cliffy attends a class on chivalry, and then finds himself ambushed in martial arts.

  • Cliffy faces his assailant, and finds that he has fallen into a trap at a debutante ball.

  • Cliffy attends the debutante ball, and finds that the hunt is far more dangerous than he had realized.

  • Cliffy dances with a girl, and runs for his life.

  • Bear Polo! Also, we meet a character that reminds Cliffy of how he started out, and we lose a friend.

  • Cliffy meets with family, and gets a strange call from his patron.

  • Cliffy meets with The Crone, and finds that he must leave the institute.

  • Cliffy has settled safely into his new life, and is shocked to recieve an invitation to a royal ball.

  • Cliffy embarks upon a mission of self-destruction, but a last-minute change gives him a new opportunity.

Thanks! I'm really glad you liked the story. Since you mentioned additional material, I should let you know that there's a short story called "The Kody's Shame, or Let Sleeping Bears Lie", available from Flying Island Press. The Kody's Shame is a short story about how our friend Dizzy has ...
Really enjoyed this book, it was like "David Copperfield" meets "A Clockwork Orange". Personally I love the imagined neo-victorian language excellent very original and I wish there were more (as any good story should).
Loved the book. The narration was great and the story really hooked me. The only complaint I had, and this is just personal opinion, is that the musical interludes were too long. Looking forward to future works!
[...] He is currently posting his latest novel, The Hidden Institute, on Podiobooks.com. [...]
[...] He is currently posting his latest novel, The Hidden Institute, on Podiobooks.com. [...]
[...] He is currently posting his latest novel, The Hidden Institute, on Podiobooks.com. [...]
I have worked my way through episode 12 and agree that the story is very good. The narration and sound quality are equally good. I would tend to agree somewhat with 'Asher' about the musical interludes. They are somewhat too long for the intended service as 'dramatic pause' between segments ...
Just finished listening to this and loved it. The story is excellent, the writing a treat, and the author does a great job bringing the characters to life with his voice. A very vivid experience all round.
@miz: Thanks very much! And yeah, I know it feels kinda short. If I ever re-do it, I'll put in more Bear Polo and politically dangerous parties. :)
I have only one complaint, and one only....this book is way too short! I love your reading style and I found the story to be fresh and unique! Thank you very much.

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