By: Jane
WAIT WAIT WAIT... Before you burn HOURS listening This is AMAZING till about half way thru the series, then it falls apart. Your Lead character and Upstanding Hero, Gerard, becomes a push over. I lied to you Gerard, thats ok. I was a prostitute Gerard, thats ok. I was there ...
By: Karen Phelps
Bravo! Thinking about listening to the entire podcast again. Hearing Nathan's voice was a pleasant surprise. He evokes such emotion. Many tears were shed listening to this series. I wanted to hug that little fox myself. Thank you for sharing your wonderful imagination and talent with us.
By: Abigail Hilton
Thanks, Shawn! The fullcast of Cowry Catchers was a 5-year project that ended in 2014. I have no plans to take the podcast versions down, but there is a remastered single download of the entire series available for sale on The first 3 books got a lot of cleaned ...
By: Shawn F
Still listening and I got to say that this is excellent stuff. Sure, familiar tropes are there, but this is a fully realized world populated with interesting creatures and backstory. I particularly like the openings written by Gwain (Flagg). They flesh out the mythology very well. Kind of recalls the ...
By: Shawn F
Just listened to the first chapter and I'm hooked in. The dialogue is crisp and fresh and intelligent. The idea is great, and Morchella is disturbingly beautiful. I look forward to checking out the rest of the book. I wanted to get into a new Podiobook and am grateful I ...
By: Dan Dan The Art Man
Wow. An amazing end to an amazing series. Abby's characters and setting made this an amazing series and the voice actors added a lot to the production. Easily some of the best stuff on Podiobooks.
By: Melissa
Curious about the cost of producing an audiobook (I listen to them all the time), I did a few Google searches and saw a mention of "fullcast" at your website. Thinking the term probably referred to a full cast of characters, I started listening to chapter 1 to see if ...
By: Stacy
Absolutely LOVE this audiobook!!! Great voice acting and I love the storyline too! :). Can't wait to start listening to the next one! :)
By: Chris Thompson
Great writing and voice acting! Like watching a movie in my mind. Made my commute something to look forward to for quite a while. Thanks!
By: Yttermayn
I am halfway through and I am very pleasantly surprised this title! Silvia is delightfully nasty!

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