By: Matthew
Strong book. I Loved it! I was only upset that it ended. I've seen this man deliver the REAL news. I sleep better at night knowing folks like him are still here. Ciao
By: ronen
Why the story ends in the middle where I can find the rest?
By: Alison
A really well written, well read book, real edge of the seat stuff. I just didn't like so much of the Christianity for my taste. But apart from that, the book is really great stuff.
By: Kristel
I liked the book very much. As English is not my native language this is very important for me. The story itself was quite original. Being an atheist I didn't know that there was such a thing as Christian fiction books. I have a Catholic background, so I know a ...
By: Ginny N
Terrific story. Captured me from the beginning and entertaining throughout. The reading was very will done by the author. This would make for a great thriller/action movie.
By: Tiffany C
This was a wonderful book. Enjoyed thoroughly and did not want it to end. The story line was believable and easy to follow. The presentation was superb as we quality of the audio. Great job and I look forward to discovering more books by this author.
By: Henry Chitaika
I am new to audio books and this is one of the best that I have listened to. I did not even want it to end cos the story was so captivating. It was well read by the author and at a very good pace too.
By: craigr1971
Strong work, Derek, and thank you. The God Conspiracy is well thought out, well produced, and definitely worthy of a listen. Yes, there is a heavily Christian under-pinning, but that is fine if the story is the key, which it is, and NOT the evangelization.
By: Jeff
Finding this book is like being in an unfamiliar city flipping through radio stations. You find something catchy, only to realize a few minutes later that it's a Christian rock song. The tune's just good enough to listen through before changing the station. That's what this book was like. It ...
By: chuck
I had a couple of long drives and listened to this book. The story moves along at a decent pace and early on, it felt like it would be a good listen. The story is just compelling enough that I made it through, but in the end felt like there ...

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