By: TS Hansen
As with the first installment, MFotA blew me away. I was hooked from the first strains of the opening music all the way through the thrilling conclusion. Alex writes incredible descriptions; despite the obvious challenges of describing flight from the point of view of Gus, he does an outstanding job, ...
By: Spencer Manners
The Gearheart plot is great, the narration is great, the music is also great. What else is there to say? Oh yea, when can we expect the next Alex White creation to arrive?
By: Keith Hughes
An excellent story! I'm looking forward to more adventures in the world of The Gearheart.
By: Alex White
Patrick: Thanks so much! I'm glad that came across, and I appreciate the review!
By: Patrick Lewis
Very cool. The Gearheart walks the tight rope between steam punk and full out fantasy, doing little back flips and daring dives all the while. Fans of either genre should enjoy this novella and the original novel, both excellently produced by Alex White and crew.
By: Alex White
@Eric: Thanks so much! That's the dream, and I appreciate your support along the way. @JenM: Cheers! I look forward to making more. @Hugh O'Donnell: I've always loved Gus's character, so it was nice to dig in and focus on him for a change. Thanks for listening!
By: Hugh O'Donnell
This was another great Gearheart story! I really enjoy the early 20th Century aesthetic of the world, which is pretty unique in fantasy. Gus's story highlights the mix of magic and technology to great effect.
By: JenM
You've created a brilliant world with this book.
By: Eric
Great book Alex. The first Gearheart took a while to get into. This one however grabbed me right away. Great world, and yes publishers need to sign you up.
By: Alex White
Thanks so much, Samantha! I think we both feel the same way: I need to be writing more stories! I can't wait to get the next release together.

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