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This book was written for children, it was originally serialised on the podcast show KidsCastSciFi. It follows the adventures of two boys who accidentally discover some form of gateway, that takes them to other worlds or parallel universes. Enjoy.

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  • Two boys playing on a demolition site suddenly find themselves somewhere else, but where is it and why does it seem so strange.

  • Tom had tripped on some undergrowth and limped away from their pursuers. In this episode it is a bit of a relief when Tom is hit by some form of weapon. Can the boys escape their captors?

  • The somewhere else that they find themselves in, has its own problems, as Tom falls off a cliff face. Can Barry save him?

  • Are these robots or humans? They speak a kind of backwards language, but at least the boys can understand them, but do they mean them harm?

  • The boys discover they are in the middle opf some sort of war. Both boys are injured, along with one of the local inhabitants.

  • The boys are frustrated at the amount of time they have been in the medical unit. They feel powerless as these people appear to have used their walkie talkies to go through the gateway, possibly to the boy's home planet, spreading war to that as well.

  • The boys are released and escorted to the gateway, given special radios in-case they run into trouble. They step through the gateway and Tom is almost run over by some sort of machine.

  • [The robots are very curious about the boys and want to explore their needs and purpose for living.

  • One of the robots is allocated to look after the boys. It takes the boys to Biblio-T-Cener, where they watch videos which show what had happened to the original inhabitants of this world.

  • Arguing that the robots are concerned that the boys may have been damaged by the remnants of the power system that the original inhabitants had built. The robots insist that the boys are scanned, but they do not want to be scanned.

  • The boys travel through the gateway again, only this time one of the robots accidentally comes with them. They find themselves in a strange jungle, but have the strong feeling they are being watched.

  • Well the title of this episode says it all, "Don't ask, just listen to it."

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