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Jahna and Lovern's clan lay in the Romans' path of destruction. The death of their people is a certainty, unless a bargain is made with the Gods, even if it means a human sacrifice. Will the trade the Druid Lovern, and his visionary wife, Jahna make with the Gods, save their family?

Two thousand years later, Aine MacRae is on their trail. She's a struggling archaeologist, on the verge of uncovering the village were Jahna and Lovern lived. The farm where her site is located is for sale! But for a ghostly visit, greed almost triumphs leaving the truth and ancient stories buried forever and a lost love be rekindled.

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  • The Fox has been re-mastered and re-released for a better than ever listening experience. Jahna is promised to another by her uncle, the Clan Chieftain.

  • Archaeologist Aine MaCrea overcomes a bad marriage and tries to set her career back on course.

  • His gods tell Lovern that his future is with Jahna.

  • Lovern and Jahna seal a contract.

  • Aine and Marc are in Scotland to start the dig when Marc gets a phone call that could disrupt Aine's plans.

  • Jahna finds her path and she and Lovern are hand-fasted.

  • Jahna and Lovern marry.

  • Aine and Marc fall in love again.

  • Jahna is taken.

  • Jahna creates bronze bowl for Beathan.

  • Aine finds a second bronze bowl.

  • Jahna meets the Druidess Rhona.

  • Jahna places a bronze bowl at Beathan's tomb.

  • Aine hears about the ghost of the bog.

  • Jahna is purified and rejoins Lovern in their marriage bed.

  • Jahna and Lovern attend a mor dal. They meet the king's Druidess Firtha. King Calgacus orders Lovern to seek information about the Romans.

  • Aine and Marc argue. Marc leaves. Aine receives a report on the Raven bowl and discusses her brother's death with George.

  • Lovern explains why he has to leave to his daughter, Crisi. Jahna starts engraving another bronze bowl.

  • Lovern returns to Jahna with information about the Romans.

  • Mr. Treadwell decides to sell his farm.

  • Lovern tells King Calgacus about the Roman invasion.

  • Aine goes to London.

  • The days before.

  • Lovern's gift to Jahna, Crisi and his people.

  • Lovern brings a vision and Jahna joins him.

  • A ghost appears and Lovern is found.

  • Aine discovers the reason why. This is the last chapter of The Fox.

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