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The Earth is no longer ruled by humans but by Pleasurebots, androids created for pleasure. The main hero, a former human terrorist, is thrust into the remnants of a destroyed city, right into the middle of the Pleasurebots’ love paradise. Here he finds out he has been condemned by both, humans and Pleasurebots, and has no right to live.

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  • Lerm came to his senses, sitting in the cockpit of a fighter which was falling uncontrollably towards the ground. He had no idea of what the hell he was doing there, how he had got there, or how to fly a fighter.

  • Lerm is going to find a place to live because he is endangering his hosts by his presence. Someone is after him. Yet he doesn't know who and why.

  • Lerm is on the run, together with his two companions. They have no place to hide, except a very creepy place called "Hotel of Pleasure".

  • Lerm and Aardvark have survived the confrontation with an enemy ship on the Earth's orbit but the course of events led them to even more dangerous place, the Sysmode space station.

  • Lerm's journey is approaching its end. He is to infiltrate the most guarded facility on the Moon to make a psychopath who runs it revealing who he, Lerm, really is.

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