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An old cafe, an even older legend and a new threat.

When Isabelle’s secret past returns to haunt her nightmares, she must take action to protect her family from a threat that is closer than she realises.

Set within the traditional Viennese café culture, ‘Wiener Blut’ (literally translated as ‘Viennese Blood’) is the story of café owner Isabelle Schindler-Krug and her role in a struggle for power that stretches back for centuries.

As she tells her sons the legends behind coffee and Vienna, it becomes clear that one such legend is still in the making, with her own family caught right in the middle.

This podcast is a full cast; it features the voice talents of: Mick Bordet, Philippa Ballantine, Tee Morris, Nathan Lowell, Mark Kilfoil, Chris JC, Sean Urquhart, Heribert Maimer, Odin1Eye, Richard Green, Starla Hutchon, Val Ford, Michell Plested, Paul E. Cooley, PC Haring, J. Daniel Sawyer and Quonundrum.

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  • One day in November, Isabelle starts to tell her sons an old legend. An old legend about Wien and coffee.

  • A man on a horse carriage shows that even the streets of a city as beautiful as Vienna can be dangerous.

  • When Isabelle hears the sad news, her world gets turned upside down.

  • Trying to find out more about her aunt’s death, Isabelle realises that more members of her family are in danger.

  • Isabelle gets help from a PI, the legend about the other world and the royal family continues.

  • Do legends end with the "happily ever after", or do they just become reality?

  • When the danger gets too much to ignore, Isabelle has to make a tough decision about a past long thought over.

  • Even though Karin’s world gets turned upside down, Isabelle has to leave her friend and go on a journey.

  • While Isabelle tries to protect her family in Neu Meidling, Dominik struggles with his in Wien.

  • A young journalist comes to Isabelle’s assistance while Dominik finds out that the secrets affect more people than he thought.

  • The king is a new man upon being reunited with his daughter, while in Wien Mr H finds out more about the murder.

  • Two families meet in Neu Meidling and Dominik tells a legend of his own.

  • The king and Daniel get closer to the truth – and closer to each other, while others try to run and hide.

  • With horrible news, Isabelle returns to Wien to confront Dominik.

  • Whilst Isabelle and Dominik try to sort their life out, danger is approaching.

  • Isabelle and Dominik return to Neu Meidling together, to save their family and the kingdom.

  • Two families. Both alike in heritage in fair Neu Meidling.

  • One last legend... For more infos, Spin-Offs and specials check out www.wiener-blut.com!

My Review: The Coffee Legacy was a novel woven like a rich tapestry made with love and full of colors and details which told a memorable story. Reading a story in the traditional Viennese cafe culture made me want to hang out in the setting. I could smell the coffee; ...
Wow! Chapter 14, Kapuziner, was so good! Without spoilers I'll just say the emotion between the characters was explosive and really fun to listen to. It was intense and really great. This book just keeps getting better!
I really loved this book. I enjoyed the fairytale setting and learning something new with each "bedtime story. " All of the guest cast did a wonderful job as well. :)
Thank you Odin for the great review! Those who want to read the full-length version you can find it HERE: http://www.viewfromvalhalla.com/2011/03/21/podcast-review-73-wiener-blut/
I review podiobooks on my blog and there is only one way to get a good review: write something I like. Start with characters and go from there. This is exactly what Ms. Maimer has done. The peek into Viennese coffee house life is fascinating, the coffees look and sound ...
@ Maddie Vielen Dank für die Komplimente, es freut mich sehr, dass es dir gefällt! @ Dottie I most definitely am! There are short stories from me over at http://www.podiobooks.com/title/every-photo-tells-book-1/ and I'll start working on "Wiener Blut 2" this week.
Almost finished # 10 and I wanted to tell you that I love your writing. Hope you will be writing much, much more.
Eine wirklich tolle Geschichte, die mich richtig gefesselt hat, auch toll umgesetzt mit den Sprechern. Macht Lust auf Kaffee und rührt zu Tränen und lässt einen sehr bewegt zurück! Klasse! Danke!
[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Podiobooks.com, Mick Bordet and Jeff Hite, Dan Absalonson. Dan Absalonson said: RT @Podiobooks: On the Podiobooker - Now releasing Wiener Blut by Katharina Maimer http://goo.gl/fb/y5VYI [...]
Thank you so much for giving me the chance to join the ranks of so many awesome people! :)

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