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Detroit, 1858.

After a tantrum, Emily Preston is shipped from her plantation home to her inn-keeping Uncle in Detroit.There Emily meets Malachi who challenges many ideas she grew up believing.But when she stumbles upon two run-aways hidden in her uncle’s barn, Emily faces a decision more difficult than she would ever imagine.

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  • Sent away from her plantation home after a tantrum, Emily arrives at her Uncle Isaac's hotel in Detroit. (Chapters 1-2)

  • Emily meets the hotel staff, including Malachi, a free black boy, as well as Mr. Burrows, the slave catcher staying at the hotel. She attends public school for the first time. (Chapters 3-4)

  • Emily gets her first lessons in choring, is surprised by Malachi's intelligence, and plays a little hooky. (Chapters 5-7)

  • Emily suffers the consequences of her day of leisure but gains Malachi's respect. The children visit the state fair with Uncle Isaac. (Chapters 8-9)

  • Emily suffers the taunts of abolitionist classmates and her first winter weather. She also hears Julia's (Malachi's mother) story of being sold at a slave auction. (Chapters 10-12)

  • Mr. Burrows returns and hauls away a battered runaway just in time for Christmas. Emily and her uncle get in a heated argument about prejudice. Malachi brings Emily to hear Frederick Douglass speak at his church. (Chapters 13-15)

  • Mr. Burrows returns and asks for Emily's help to capture a pair of runaways. Then Emily stumbles onto the children hidden in her uncle's barn. (Chapters 16-18)

  • Emily must make a choice. Her decision leads to the most frightening night of her life. (Chapters 19-20)

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