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"The Best Laid Plans" is a satirical novel of Canadian politics written by Terry Fallis. It recounts the unlikely and amusing alliance between a 30-something burnt out, jaded political staffer, and an older, cantankerous, engineering professor. Driven by a federal election and the life of the resulting minority conservative government, the novel moves between the small town of Cumberland, Ontario on the shores of the Ottawa River, and the nation's capital. While the characters and their exploits are often comical, serious ideas on politics and democracy underlie the fun. For more information on the novel and author, visit www.terryfallis.com.

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  • The Prologue introduces Daniel Addison, the narrator, provides his back-story, and sets up the rest of the novel.

  • Chapter 1 covers Daniel's futile search for a Liberal candidate in the safest Tory seat in the land, his meeting with Muriel Parkinson, the stalwart Liberal who ran in the last five elections, and his winning strategy for securing the boathouse apartment he desperately wanted.

  • Daniel gets to know his landlord, Angus McLintock; a mutually beneficial deal is negotiated; Daniel endures his first hovercraft lecture; Daniel and Angus tangle on the chess board; Angus writes in his diary.

  • Angus and Daniel pay a visit to the Dean of Engineering; Daniel visits Muriel and is introduced to Lindsay, her granddaughter; Angus schools Daniel on English for Engineers, and chess; Angus writes in his diary.

  • Daniel's debut teaching English for Engineers; the first meeting of the Cumberland-Prescott Liberal Campaign in the new headquarters; Angus and Daniel hammer out positions on the local issues; and Angus writes in his diary.

  • The election begins and Daniel and his small team of volunteers start the door-to-door canvass. We meet Andre Fontaine, reporter for the Cumberland Crier. Daniel makes a clandestine midnight run to the university and Angus writes in his diary.

  • Daniel, Muriel and Lindsay attend a luncheon speech by Eric Cameron. Lindsay and Daniel bond at Starbucks. Daniel holds office hours on campus. Daniel and Angus play chess and discuss the campaign so far. Angus skinnydips, then writes in his diary.

  • Daniel attends a polling presentation at the national campaign office. Daniel visits with Muriel. Daniel briefs Angus on the numbers (and Angus laughs till he cries). Daniel marks book reports while Angus writes in his diary.

  • Daniel confronts an Internet-happy student. Daniel talks with the two Petes. Andre Fontaine breathlessly calls Daniel. Fire at the Petra Borschart's house. Eric Cameron is collared. Daniel watches the news and assesses the damage. Angus writes in his diary in Papau New Guinea.

  • Daniel watches too much television, then actually Daniel goes on TV to staunch the bleeding. The Prime Minister cuts Cameron loose. Daniel and Lindsay lunch together, then Daniel and pollster Zaleski discuss some new C-P numbers. Finally, Angus writes in his diary and starts the long trip home from Papua New Guinea.

  • On election day, Daniel and the two Petes work hard to save Angus from victory; Daniel drives NDP voters to the polls; Daniel commiserates with Muriel; Daniel skinny-dips in the frigid river before watching the election returns; Daniel drives to the airport to meet Angus; Angus addresses the media horde; Angus writes in his diary.

  • Daniel takes Angus to Parliament Hill, the Library of Parliament, and the House of Commons. Angus is sworn in. Daniel briefs Angus on their Centre Block and constitutency offices. Angus meets the Leader of the Opposition. Daniel and Angus play chess, and Angus writes in his diary.

  • Angus attends his first Caucus meeting, then takes his place in the House. Angus listens to the Throne Speech in the Senate. Daniel and Bradley Stanton square off over excessive media coverage of Angus. Daniel and Angus clash over what to say in the Throne Speech debate. Angus gives his debut performance in the House, to mixed reviews. Angus writes in his diary.

  • Daniel takes the heat for Angus the maverick MP. Angus makes his debut performance in Question Period. A day in the constituency office. Angus outlines a plan to save the Sanderson Shoe factory and Norman Sanderson doesn't know what hit him. Daniel and Lindsay make a date. Angus writes in his diary.

  • Daniel is late for an important meeting leaving Angus to go it alone. Angus defies the Leader and caucus. Angus closes the Sanderson Shoe deal. The House votes on the Throne Speech. Daniel dines with Lindsay and then some. Angus writes in his diary.

  • Daniel drives Lindsay home the morning after the night before. Angus and Daniel spend a quiet day in Cumberland and then in the evening, Angus is feted at an Engineering Society dinner. The economy drops like a stone forcing the government's hand. Angus and Daniel test Baddeck 1 on the frozen Ottawa River, and then Angus writes in his diary.

  • Daniel dines with Lindsay and Muriel (and closes a chapter in his life); Muriel visits the House of Commons; Angus attends his first hostile sod-turning (and returns fire); Daniel and Angus have fun with a slick American branch plant executive; Angus writes in his diary.

  • The government takes an unexpected hard right turn. Angus crosses swords with the Speaker and the Sergeant at Arms. Daniel and Angus take a troubling look inside Ottawa River Aggregate Inc. Angus and Daniel meet with the workers. Angus writes in his diary.

  • Environment Canada and the media pay a visit to Ottawa River Aggregate Inc. Reaction to the mini-budget rolls in as debate rages in the House of Commons. Angus and Daniel confront UFDs (unidentified flying doughnuts). Daniel and Linsday tour the National Gallery and then are snowed in at the Chateau Laurier. Angus writes in his diary.

  • A massive snow storm brings Ottawa to its knees. The Government House Leader pulls a fast one and the call goes forth for MPs to brave the storm and make it to the House for the mini-budget vote. Angus and Andre Fontaine share a wild ride to Parliament Hill with national consequences. Angus writes in his diary.

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