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When a comet the size of a small moon threatens the remote world of Regal the Earth Alliance assigns the most decorated ship in the fleet, the Arwen, to destroy it. Its Captain, Marjorie Cook, sees this as an opportunity to redeem herself after a tragic mistake in her past causes the death of over 400 of her crew. It seems like an easy mission but, when the Arwen arrives, it finds things are not what they seem.

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  • Captain Marjorie Cook is given the mission to stop the comet before it destroys Regal.

  • We meet Commander Kel Lipton, Professor Theo Ricter, Doctor Fran Mercury and Doctor Thomas Lannding.

  • While in Wormhole space Captain Cook and Commander Lipton have breakfast with the increasingly demanding Professor Ricter

  • Upon entering the Regal system the Arwen is attacked by the Plick.

  • The comet yields its first surprise. Kel hunts for an intruder.

  • Captain Cook tell Professor Ricter about the intruder then confronts Rulla Plooma, the Jerrasic representative. The comet gives up its second surprise.

  • Captain Cook receives the news about the comet. Rulla Plooma decides to test the Arwen's ability to fight. Professor Ricter makes himself a target for the intruder.

  • Kel leads his team over to the comet.

  • Fran, Kel and Professor Ricter continue to explore the comet.

  • Thomas tells Ling his theory on how the comet made it into the Regal system. Fran and Kel find one more surprise inside the comet.

  • Ling translates the hologram Fran and Kel found into common.

  • Professor Ricter takes matters into his own hands to save Regal and the Comet.

  • The Arwen must protect the comet as the Plick attack.

  • Professor Ricter meets the strange inhabitants of the comet. The next adventure for the Arwen begins.

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