By: bigdave290
This book could have been great but sadly wasn't. In my honest opinion, there could have been so much more to it and it could have been so much better in so many ways. It would have been better in my opinion if they had used allegory to explain what ...
By: Renee
Superbly done Paeter! I too am a Christian listener and love it when I can find audio books and movies that help introduce God to people in a way that is intriguing, exciting, and gripping. Audio quality is great and your skill (good timing, tempo, inflection, tone, and clarity) of ...
By: Tom
Just finished listening to this book, all I can say is it's great. The audio quality is outstanding. The story is gripping and the production quality top notch. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks! Tom
By: Paeter Frandsen
Thanks for the comments, guys! To address a few specifics, the audio dramas share the same core story but many supporting plot-lines have been removed or replaced. They are a wildly different experience from the audio book, but if you enjoy the main concept and story of the book you'll ...
By: craig
I have not listened to the Spirit Blade audiodrama, in fact I have not heard of the story prior to this podcast. I do like the podcast, I'm 3-4 episodes in. Interesting plot-hook - serializing the Christian Vision as a drama. Nice. The story is entertaining if not rigorously well ...
By: Casey
I've read Peretti, Lahaye and Dekker - Paeter Frandsen, author of "Spirit Blade" is better than them all. Expert storytelling, character growth and development, and real-world application. Among the best I've read in a long time.
By: Dottie
This book is simply FANTASTIC! The story is riveting. The audio is amazing. The reader does very well. This story gave me chills and thrills at almost the same time. I SO hope you will let us know when the trilogy is available

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