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At age 7, Sophia was struck down with a life-threatening disease. Faced with a choice between an unending life in the body of a child and her otherwise certain death, Sophia's parents had her turned into a vampire.

Now, after 10 years of Christian home-schooling and near-total isolation, Sophia secretly plans on moving out the very night she turns 18. All her research, her online classes, and her natural curiosity have prepared Sophia mentally for the world she's about to dive head-first into, but no amount of research could prepare her heart for falling in love with Joshua, the first young man she sees after donating her corneas the next day.

Her faith in God and her desire to heal the sick gives Sophia the strength to persevere through the pain of donation after donation, and her vampirism gives her the ability to grow her organs back again and again, but Sophia finds herself unequipped to face her suddenly-awakened lusts of the flesh and the ache in her heart for a deep, reciprocated love. After a shocking and painful first date with Joshua, it doesn't take Sophia long to learn just how difficult the search for love can be, especially for a teenage vampire with a child's body and a strong desire to avoid falling into sin.

Sophia is one of two books in the duology Never Let the Right One Go, which shows two apparently conflicting views of the same supernatural world by looking through the eyes of two very different teenage girls in their pursuit of love. Don't miss Emily, the other half of the picture, and a completely contrary take on everything you think you know.

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  • In which Sophia goes to church on the 10th anniversary of her "resurrection day" - the day she died and was turned into a vampire, at age 7. Now nearly 18, Sophia looks forward to the chance to move out and get away from the protective environment her parents created and kept her in.

  • In which Sophia's concept of her identity as a vampire, and of the integrations with and separations from society experienced by vampires in the modern world, are explored from her limited perspective.

  • In which Sophia bakes her own birthday cake and, not long after midnight, has her parents take her to the DMV to get her ID card - surprising her parents with her plan to get a place of her own that very night.

  • In which Sophia goes to the Office of Vampire Affairs (OVA) to get her back-pay from a decade of blood donations and meets Franz, her point of contact at the OVA.

  • In which Franz gives Sophia a quick tour of the vampire influences on the city, and of the history of human-vampire integration, before helping her find an apartment of her own.

  • In which Sophia talks to Franz about the blood hunger she'd never felt before fasting for surgery, then briefly heads to her old home to gather her things and say goodbye to her parents again.

  • In which Sophia goes through her first organ donation, struggling through the pain of starvation, then of having her corneas cut out and her bone marrow extracted, with the comfort of her faith to help carry her through it all.

  • In which Sophia experiences the feeling of falling in love at first sight with Joshua, the young man tasked with keeping her continuously supplied with blood while she recovers from her surgery.

  • In which Sophia goes shopping for the first time in her life, buying all new clothes and furniture and household items, considering how to make the best impression on Joshua with each purchase.

  • In which Sophia's larger purchases are delivered and she gets her apartment furnished and decorated, then she goes to the blood center to donate blood and has another encounter with Joshua.

  • In which Sophia fixates on the idea of Joshua, writing about him in her journal, imagining her first date with him, and finding herself fantasizing about him in ways she's never experienced before.

  • In which Sophia tries to recover from her painful, personal ordeal while preparing to see Joshua again that night, then finds herself in yet another situation unlike anything she'd been through before.

  • In which Sophia's dramatic failure of a first date leaves her shaken, and she agrees to a radical and extensive organ donation to save another little girl from having to face eternal life in the body of a child.

  • In which Sophia consents to additional donations which leave her little more than a head and a heart, and after a long and painful recovery returns home to find an intriguing invitation waiting for her.

  • In which Sophia has a reasonably pleasant first date with Barry.

  • In which Sophia attends her first college classes in person, and finds she already has friends from among some of the online classes she'd already taken.

  • In which Barry takes Sophia shopping on their second date, buying her new shoes and clothes and gifts.

  • In which Barry accompanies Sophia home and their date takes a turn Sophia realizes she isn't comfortable with.

  • In which Sophia attends a new church for the first time, then later finds herself very grateful to have a couple of good, new friends she can talk to about what she's been going through since moving out.

  • In which Sophia is set up on a date with Balthazar, who arranges to have a world-famous designer create an evening gown for Sophia to wear to the opera.

  • In which Sophia is nearly overwhelmed getting ready for her date with Balthazar, though the results are amazing, then is underwhelmed by the opera itself.

  • In which Balthazar gives Sophia a tour of his home, which is a little like a palace but more like a museum, and she begins to realize she's been looking at him the way Barry had looked at her.

  • In which Sophia and her friends discuss her date with Balthazar, and Sophia decides to try to stop looking for love in every new guy she meets.

  • In which Sophia describes to her friends the details of how Nicholas asked her out, and they discuss the impending date in the context of her Christian walk and her earlier decision to stop dating.

  • In which Sophia meets Nicholas at the zoo for their date, and finds his intentions for her are not what she had expected.

  • In which Sophia tells everyone about her date with Nicholas, then with just her closest friends makes a definitive declaration of her dedication to remaining single and asks for their prayer and support.

  • In which Sophia reconciles with her parents, and acknowledges that she didn't need to seek love in the world as she already had the perfect love of Christ in her life.

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