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Some psycho stalker kidnaps his would-be girlfriend, gets chased by the cops halfway across the state, runs out of gas right outside your house, where you and your spouse are enjoying a quiet, bitter evening at home, and now you're both held hostage at gunpoint and surrounded by police. It could happen. It happened to Henry and Valerie Roth, of 314 Seventeenth Street, High Park. It was not going to be a good night.

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  • A neighborhood is sealed off in the middle of a dark and rainy winter night. Police surround a bungalow in which a couple is held hostage by a man on the run and his girlfriend.

  • When David met Karen, a love that should never have been. Seriously. Evan Johns, the FBI hostage expert, tries to make contact.

  • When David kidnapped Karen, and the parade they led across half the state. Chief Inspector Stanley Mole finally gets through to the house. Valerie needs to go to the bathroom.

  • The media gets its ducks in a row. No family or friend is left undisturbed. Inside, it's Henry's turn to cause trouble. It seem he just can't help himself.

  • Caitlin Carpenter gets her interview. Valerie turns up the heat. Inspector Mole walks away in disgust.

  • It's getting later and later, and hotter and hotter. Things can't go on like this much longer. They don't.

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