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The sun sets. The moon rises. And the night howls...

The people in the foothills town of Black Diamond are thrilled to hear of government plans for commercial development of the Kananaskis Parklands. With three world-class ski resorts within an hour’s drive, everyone is going to get rich! But The Fellowship, a colony of “nature nuts” who live to the immediate west of Black Diamond, are effectively stalling the government’s plans. Hostilities escalate when a hitch-hiker is brutally slaughtered just outside of town...

Shape Shifters--a werewolf tale with NO vampires.

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  • Philip Boyle on an adventure. Josh Martins teaches grade nine. Spencer Fletcher shows what he found.

  • Pascoe talks to Jacob Humphrey about John Doe, then almost shoots Zack. Intimacy between Loretta and Gavin Freid. Jake Fletcher hears about a dead body.

  • Pascoe talks to Jake Fletcher, then to Jacob Humphrey. Josh says a prayer. Loretta hears about Gavin’s park development plans. The people of Black Diamond are going to get rich! Pascoe hears about a mutilation.

  • Josh visits the Davis cabin. Pascoe visits the library. Josh tutors Warren. Warren has a set-back.

  • Lyla, Douglas, and Grace do business. Josh gets mad at Leanna Wells. Warren withdraws from school. Gavin visits Jake, wants him to earn some money. Jake has a flashback, into the forest on Fellowship land with his brother Jeremy.

  • Pascoe questions Jacob Humphrey about Jeremy Fletcher. Rachel pounces on Spencer Fletcher. Josh talks to his principal. Julianna seduces Josh.

  • Carter Banks and Murray Kramer surveying. The people of Black Diamond are rude to the Fellowship. Lucas Donaldson ponders his too-busy life.

  • Julianna ruminates on life, love, and hardship. Warren wakes up snarly. Lucas confronts Julianna about Josh. Lucas visits Yves Bertrand and gets his priorities straight.

  • The Fellowship are eager to celebrate Festival. Julianna considers possibilities.

  • The night of Festival.

  • Spencer spies on Rachel. Warren’s nightmare.

  • Spencer wakes up Warren, then takes a bike-ride home.

  • Jake Fletcher confronts his past, the worst night of his life.

  • Pascoe investigates Spencer’s death, tells Jacob Humphrey. Josh hears of Warren’s death and rushes to Julianna. Another meeting for The Fellowship.

  • Julianna resolves herself to a loveless life. A Fellowship funeral. Loretta meets her fantasy lover.

  • Jake is helped by Gavin. Josh broods about Julianna. Jacob Humphrey shows Pascoe a little toe.

  • Henri Croteau is a hero. Josh follows Pascoe. Pascoe is going to cap Jake Fletcher, caps Henri instead. Josh and Pascoe stare in amazement. The Fellowship fear fire; they confront Josh and Pascoe.

  • Lucas bitch-slaps Jaret Carnwright. The people of Black Diamond join with The Fellowship to fight the fire. The Fellowship leave town. Pascoe tells a story to Jacob Humphrey. Gavin is thrilled to hear that Loretta is pregnant. Epilog. The end.

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