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Playing for Keeps tells the story of Keepsie Branson, a bar owner in the shining metropolis of Seventh City: birthplace of super powers. Keepsie and her friends live among egotistical heroes and manipulative villains, and manage to fall directly in the middle as people with powers, but who just aren't strong enough to make a difference. Or that's what they've been told. As the city begins to melt down, it's hard to tell who are the good guys and who are the bad.

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  • Keepsie has an annoying walk to work; getting captured by the super villain doesn't bother her nearly as much as being rescued by the superhero. That night in the bar, heroes come visiting, asking for something they never have before: Keepsie's help.

  • Keepsie gets hammered and her friends have to decide what to do when Keepsie's passive power has a surprising effect on an unexpected visitor.

  • Keepsie and her friends get breakfast and learn more about the truth of the Academy and the heroes, then get another visit from Clever Jack. Keepsie makes her decision.

  • Keepsie, Michelle and Peter form a plan to make a deal with the villains, and enlist some help in the process.

  • Peter endures interrogation within the bowels of the Academy, and we discover Keepsie's fate.

  • Keepsie reunites with her friends, makes a decision, and immediately regrets it. Ian also makes a regrettable decision. And there are robots.

  • Peter, Alex and Michelle go on one quest as Keepsie returns from another. We meet the cook, Colette, who gets promised a new car suspension.

  • Keepsie and friends launch a rescue attempt. We learn something new about the new villain, and about Michelle's power.

  • The fate of Peter is determined and one of our Third Wave Heroes leaves us forever.

  • Keepsie and the Librarian discover something about Zupra Ex, and about Dr. Timson. Peter, Ian and Michelle launch another rescue attempt.

  • We discover what Zupra Ex does to Keepsie, what happened to Peter, and just how twisted Dr. Timson is.

  • Timson discovers she's not the only one who's super-charged by the new drug, and the Third Wavers have some fun with the heroes.

  • Keepsie makes a new friend and Clever Jack makes a new army.

  • Our characters meet the last remaining real hero: Pallas, and convince her to at least hear them out. Hostages are released, and Clever Jack finds a new ally.

  • The big fight. The aftermath.

Came back for a second listen to this story. Just as good as the first time! I wonder if Mur would ever consider writing a sequel to with this group of characters.
Another lovely take on the flipside of superhero reality. The telling and the reading work pretty well for me. While I don't at all mind the story having hooks for sequela, it feels jarring to have the hooks wedged in as cliffhangers that feel almost like afterthoughts in the last ...
One of the most outstanding titles to download. Cleverly inspired by the likes of The Incredibles and Marvel Civil War, Playing For Keeps takes a hugely popular genre and puts its own unique spin on it. Some of the elements are in very poor taste (Ian's power for example), but ...
She is one of the best authors in the world listen to her work now
This story reminded my of the tv series Heroes. Great in the beginning, but as the story progresses, the main character becomes more annoying and the story becomes more soapie. Maybe it should have been shorter.
Nice voice and reading but the characters and plot are way to childish for my taste. Not recommended for the over 10 crowd.
I ride my bike while listening to the various podiobooks on this site, and I gotta tell you this one has hooked me. I'm only on episode 6, and I love it. Its well-written, has some of the best audio quality you'll find, and the tale is gripping. I got ...
Just finished listening to the book. Loved it. Good story and well written. Love the characters. Keepsie is so cool and the way her powers developed over the story. I very much liked the variety of wacky powers held by the 3rd wavers, even the not so pleasant one, umm. ...
This was my first audiobook I've listened to and I'd tried listening to it because of recommendations from the forums in Ravelry. I got hooked the instant I listened; Mur's voice is really great and the way the story was narrated drew me into this other world of Superheroes and ...
WOW just WOW, Part Mystery Men Part Misfits of Science (Ok I'm dating myself) and a little of Legion Of Substitute heroes(Ok Comic Geek Reference) Keepsie and her gang reminded me of all that and added a little more. It was nice seeing that the white hats aren't always pure ...

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