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Shepherd Autrey is a Quaker, a physician, and a man deeply disturbed by the madness around him as the War Between the tates bears down on his America in 1863. Dared by a friend to take an active role, Shep volunteers to provide humanitarian aid to the victims of Sherman’s scorched earth campaign in the Shenandoah Valley. There he runs foul of a Confederate recruiting drive and fi nds himself hanged by the neck from a tree. Awakening in a strange land which can’t possibly be earth, Shep is plunged into battle and saves the life of an alien warrior prince. Hailed by bloodthirsty killers as the bravest man alive, Shep combats his conscience, his fl agging faith, and an ever-growing number of people who want him dead.

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  • On a mercy mission to the devastated Shenandoah Valley, Shep runs afoul of a Confederate press gang and is doomed to be hanged. Instead, he begins an extraordinary adventure.

  • Shep and Philip, out of the frying pan and into the fire, have been mysteriously snatched from the jaws of death in Virginia, and transported to a world at war. The Red Planet... is it Heaven? Are these people whose civilization is so advanced angels? Or are they merely human? Shep does what comes naturally, and catapults himself and his friend into the thick of an ages old war.

  • Shep awakes from a troubled sleep and an eventful night in an alien land -- and is catapulted once again into a life and death situation.

  • Condemned for treason, Shep awaits execution; but Hylas has a plan to save his new-found friend.

  • On the run from the authorities in Aspar, Shep discovers something new about himself. Then he discovers something about the Aspar's customs and his young ally Hylas that he didn't really want to know.

  • Shep and Hylas are caught by the Jentana, a formidable amazon tribe, led by the beautiful Priestess Xhylanna. As she plans to ransom Hylas to his father, she presents Shep with his greatest moral challenge to date.

  • Shep and Xhylanna become... better acquainted. Shep and Hylas fall back into the clutches of the Aspar.

  • Shep awaits his execution, learning he is to die at Hylas's hands. Then a turn of the tables leaves him with a choice: kill... or let his friend die.

  • Xhylanna marshals her Generals to make a decisive strike against the Aspar. Philip sells his knowledge of the enemy, and Shep tries desperately to broker peace. Meanwhile, Hylas makes a drastic decision.

  • While Jentana doctors rush to save Hylas, the Aspar attack! Fliers rain destruction on the Jentana's island, and fear grows that this time their enemy has found the location of their undersea city as well. Xhylanna races into battle, leaving Shep behind. But when his beloved drops off the radio, the Peace Lord cannot sit on the sidelines.

  • Shep goes through two profound life changes in one night and stands trial for espionage. Leadership in the city of Jentana changes. This is it - the chapter that proves this is NOT your grandfather's sword and sorcery epic. Once again, check your armchair psychologist's license at the door. Enjoy!

  • Shep and his companions set out for the home of the gods of New Earth. Within sight of their goal, they are attacked by an anrgy god as Shep meets the Firechild in the divine flesh.

  • Seeking help in getting Xhylanna back from Raxes, Shep and Hylas confront the gods of New Earth face to face.

  • Seeing through the Pretender's eyes, Shep lives the final chapter of the gods' time on old Earth. Raxes refuses to take his part in the planned revolt and tries to reach out to his true father.

  • With the lives of Xhylanna and Hylas in the balance, Shep faces off against Raxes's chosen champion -- his old friend Philip.

  • Philip makes his bid against Shep in battle. Shep has other ideas about who the real enemy is.

  • Humanity versus divinity in final battle.

  • Epilogue - The gods make Shep a surprising offer.

Thanks for hanging in there, Steph! The story was intended to be thought-provoking, and I think that made some listeners / readers uncomfortable. I'm glad you enjoy my narration style! My next book (coming in February) is probably a bit more mainstream. It's a sequel to my earlier book, Taken ...
I had to make a comment. I felt awkward with this book most of the time, but I got over that and listened to the end. You narrate wonderfully. I think it's the main reason I kept going. And I'll admit the story was very creative. :)
Thanks for the review! I'm very flattered by the Heinlein comparison. Hadn't really had RAH in mind as I wrote, but of course he was the one who turned me on to the John Carter novels, which he referenced frequently in his later works.
This is a nice exploration of comparative religion / mythology. Take a pinch of John Carter, a bit of Michael Valentine Smith & mix liberally with airships and the machinations of the gods and you get Peace Lord of the Red Planet.
Eric, thanks for the high praise! I hope to entertain, of course; but being though-provoking is the brass ring I grab for. Glad you enjoyed it!
Qualland, sorry you were taken by surprise. The subject matter is adult. I would disagree that the content is pornographic, however. Pornography, by nature, is blatant in its descriptions and intended only to promote arousal. While there is frank discussion of sexuality, and the narrator experiences several sexual encounters, the ...
This book is misrepresented as simply science fiction. It is in actual fact pornographic, sci fi. Explicit sexual scenes including homosexual ones, and no warning given.
One of a very few stories I recommend. A first-person story that was made to be read aloud. One speaker pulls off several characters, giving them all unique voices with emotion in there that pulls you into the story. The story is a strange collection of mythology, action, religion, and ...
This is clearly a well planned story with excellent plot and character development. I can't actually pin it down to a solely a SF tale as it has many shades of fantasy as well. It was interesting to watch the main character's strict religious beliefs slowly peel away as he ...
A Sci-Fi adventure that keeps a solid pace full of well developed characters. My only complaint is the heavy reliance on religion. By the end of the story the author nearly devolves into a sermon and as an atheist the constant preaching began to grow wearisome.

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