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Josh Corwood has spent his life admiring the superheroes that protect Siegel City. He's wanted to join them, wanted to be like them... but eventually, had to settle for reporting on them from the sidelines. When an undiscovered talent reignites his hope to join the world's protectors, he suddenly discovers that their world isn't everything he'd been led to believe. Surrounded by false idols, Josh decides to turn the tables on them and reveal the greatest con game in history... and hopefully, in the process, find the real heroes that have long been gone.

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  • Josh Corwood has spent his entire life watching the superheroes of Siegel City, wishing he could be one of them, but forced to settle for a life reporting on their adventures. But as the chaos of the city rages around him, he makes a discovery that changes everything.

  • Astounded at the discovery of a superpower of his own, Josh recruits Sheila Reynolds to help him devise a superhero identity. Will his first adventure end in triumph or disaster? And why would the city's brightest hero be hanging out with a notorious villain?

  • Captured by Miss Sinistah and Doctor Noble, Josh wakes up in the heart of the city's superhuman population, and learns that nothing is what he believed it to be... especially the people behind the masks.

  • Faced with the truth about the Capes and Masks of Siegel City, Josh begins to explore the new world he's found himself a part of... and meets the one man every superhero rumble needs.

  • His choice made, Josh begins his tour of Simon Tower. Where do superheroes let their capes down? How do they train? And what does Sindy see in Doc Noble anyway?

  • Josh's first supervillain fight is coming up, but a criminal has to train before he can go toe-to-toe with the Spectacle Six. Enter: THE ARENA.

  • Josh heads out to pull his first robbery, but training in the Tower isn't the same as being in the city. There's no telling what a civilian will do when he sees superheroes in action... and if they're not careful, tragedy can strike.

  • It was supposed to be a simple robbery, but now a child's life is at stake. Can Josh save him without blowing his cover? And if he can't, what will happen when he gets back to Simon Tower? Josh's adventures in supervillainy may be over already.

  • His first adventure over, Josh tries to find time to relax with a visit to Annie's house, where he meets the boy he saved, and finds out something about Annie's brother she never knew.

  • Icebergg stands accused of murdering one of Siegel City's finest, and the rest of the crew in Simon Tower scrambles to chase him down. Josh finds himself partnered up with the last person he wants to be with: Hotshot, the man who betrayed Lionheart.

  • Icebergg is cornered in Siegel City's beautiful Kirby Square, but Doctor Noble has gotten to him first. Can Josh and Hotshot make sure that the accused killer gets his due process, or will it be a repeat of what happened to Photon Man?

  • Given the opportunity of a lifetime -- his own character -- Josh gets home to find someone else is already in his apartment, waiting for him. This episode, Josh will have to face the two most important women in his life: the lovely Annie, and the furious Sheila.

  • Copycat is getting his debut crime spree. Things couldn't be better for the fake villain, but for Josh Corwood, he's in personal chaos. And things only get harder when he visits the near-catatonic Flambeaux, brother of the murdered Deep Six.

  • Josh goes to Sheila with a heartfelt apology, but will she be willing to listen? And even if she is, a reconciliation with his best friend may simply be the calm before the storm.

  • The Gunk has transformed into the hero Siegel City has been missing for years, but can he really be the long-lost Lionheart? And if he's not, can Josh stop him from whatever scheme he's got planned? And will he have to fight alone?

  • The Gunk is going public, pretending to be Lionheart, and Josh is imprisoned, accused of murdering the Gunk. Even in a world of shapeshifters, nobody seems willing to believe him... and now he's face-to-face with the telepathic witch Mental Maid. Things just keep getting hotter for the would-be superhero.

  • Running from Simon Tower, Josh and Hotshot are turning to the only place they can think of where somebody may believe the truth about the fake Lionheart -- the home of Annie Harmon, and the protection of her 11-year-old brother, Tom. Will they be able to catch their breath, or will Tom's fanboy nature give them away?

  • As Hotshot rushes off to find the cavalry, Josh and Tom hunker down to wait, but the searching heroes of Siegel City won't let him go. When Josh faces Doctor Noble, will the other heroes serve as protection, or fuel for the fire?

  • With Josh literally blown in half, can anything save the would-be hero? Dying, Josh reaches out to the only person who may save his life. And if he can't pull it off, will we be left with 25 minutes of dead air? Everything hangs in the balance this episode!

  • Josh is back in Simon Tower, ready to stand trial for his supposed crimes. Hotshot is trying to find the reinforcements they need to take a stand against the Gunk and Doctor Noble, but can Josh possibly stall for time until they get there? Looks like it's time to filibuster...

  • The all-action issue! Lionheart stands revealed! The original LightCorps back in action! As hero fights hero and villain fights villain, Josh and friends break free, all leading up to the fateful confrontation between Copycat and Doctor Noble!

  • In this giant-sized finale, Josh Corwood and the Children of the Lion make their last stand against the Gunk. Simon Tower becomes the epicenter of a battle that will leave heroes lost, villains transformed, and the world of Siegel City changed forever!

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