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With one kick, Joey Hamilton has sent the world of professional wrestling into chaos. In his first World Title match, on national television, Joey botched a simple maneuver, turning a scripted wrestling match into a nightmarish reality.

Now the World Champion is injured and the locker room is in tatters. With the top spot open, veteran wrestlers are jockeying for position, hoping to become the next megastar, and Joey is their target.

With a unique look behind the scenes at America's most violent dramatic art, One Fall shows the world of professional wrestling in its rawest form.

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  • New wrestler Joey Mayhem makes his debut on the world stage.

  • A secret meeting at Revolution Riot.

  • Steve Garcia's Tuesday Morning Hangover: a podcast within a podcast!

  • Joey Mayhem's introduction to the politics of wrestling.

  • A tournament for the title.

  • Joey's standing in the locker room plummets at the same time his star rises in the wrestling world.

  • Joey takes Jade out after a house show.

  • Joey and Goliath fight for the World Title.

  • Searching Houston for Goliath.

  • Adventures in a hotel hallway.

  • The Family Television Group responds to Wrestling Hotline's campaign.

  • Joey and Jade share their secrets.

  • Joey and Jumbo's rematch in Vegas.

  • Joey wakes up in a hospital and learns of the fallout from his fight with Jumbo.

  • Joey and Jade, suspended, watch from home as an old vet makes his return to the ring.

  • As Steve Garcia chases down one big story, his rival scoops him on another.

  • Max Zeffer offers Joey the main event at the next pay per view, provided he's willing to fight an old, familiar opponent.

  • Joey's first night with Revolution.

  • All isn't as it seems with the new wrestling landscape. Steve Garcia knows the truth.

  • Joey has an idea about his match with Goliath.

  • Steve and Joey prepare for what promises to be the most talked about show in wrestling history.

  • Joey and Goliath fight for the heavyweight championship.

  • Fallout from Joey and Goliath's match.

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