By: Jack H
Great story, well produced.
By: herman langley sr
Damn it man this is one fantastic story,it wrap me up so much in the storyline itself, that even when I wasn't listening to the book I was thinking about what was happening and that is a very rare thing for me to study on a book that I'm reading ...
By: Lisa R Wisconsin
Loved the book. Wanting to hear more. So I will have to check out some more of your books. Really would like to see what happens to the other creatures...Is there a book 2
By: NCshoegirl
A superbly engaging novel, with the best narration I've heard on a podiobook. Nice length book, without a dull moment. Listened while training for a marathon...made the miles fly by. Thanks Scott!
By: Mark Swift
More! More! give us more.
By: DominicLD
Got yourself another Junkie, Scott. ALL the TEETH
By: ebony36
Absolutely freakin phenomenal! Great writing and fantastic narration. This book had me from beginning to end. needs to be made into a movie . I LOVED IT. Great job Scott!! And great job Gigante!
By: Zenchef01
Although Scott is "The Man", Phil Gigante did an awesome job. This book is a great read, and awesome to listen to. Kudos to both author, and narrator.
By: Dan Dan The Art Man
I especially miss Scott's voice for Pookie but like I said this narrator is great. A good pick for this book.
By: Dan Dan The Art Man
Oh yeah!!! I've been waiting for this one. I'll miss Scott's voice but this narrator sounds fantastic. Thanks for putting it on Podiobooks Scott. I can't wait to listen!

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