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A collection of short stories, each connected to Forget What You Can't Remember by a minor character, a passing situation, or an unanswered question therein. While giving more depth and more details to the people and events of that novel, nine more narratives are revealed. Sex, pain, violence and zombies, tech support for a flying city, religious prophecies fulfilled, true love and lasting marriage, re-engineered doomsday devices, gourmet cannibalism, and a whole lot more.

What happened to the two guys who were supposed to be running the zombie survival course? What would the experience of a mixed martial arts competition be like for someone with an amazing sense of smell? What are the stories behind Fantastician's other encounters? What about the details of Lance's restaurant? And, what did Brady work on after the stunning conclusion of the novel?

Answers to all these questions, along with a story which further connects the events of Lost and Not Found with Forget What You Can't Remember by bringing the main characters of one book into the setting of the other, can be found in More Lost Memories. Delve deeper. Find out more. Enjoy.

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  • This story looks at the situation at a zombie readiness training camp during its final weeks of training before a full-scale zombie outbreak. It also gives a glimpse of what happened with Mary, a woman totally unprepared for what she's gotten herself into, and who goes on not only to survive the zombie outbreak, but to become one of the central characters of Forget What You Can't Remember.

  • This story really helps fill in the other side of a part of Skythia's story, from the perspective of the Skythian employees who were tasked with trying to hide their flying city from some unknown, unseen apocalypse. Falling mostly between chapters 5 and 7 of Forget What You Can't Remember, if you pay close attention you can see some of the ways the 'doomsday event' they were trying to protect themselves from changed their lives in ways they didn't even notice.

  • This story is about a strange group of cyborgs - not people with robotic limbs or organs, but whose physiology at a cellular level is a co-mingling of organic and robotic components. Cyborgs whose gross physiology bears no resemblance to the people they were before becoming members of this tight-knit group known as 'The Family.' This story, really, is about a boy in love, and the lengths he'll go to to try to save the girl he loves from succmbing to the fate he himself has fallen prey to. Will he be able to protect her from becoming a member of The Family? Listen to chapter 20 of Forget What You Can't Remember for the other side of this story.

  • This story is one of my favorites from this collection, delving into theology, cosmology, ethics & morality, while telling a tale that ends up containing dramatic & violent bank robberies and the violation of the sanctity of religious dogma - by force. Follow a group of monk-like religious adepts and their friends as they find that the deeper into the secrets of their religion they delve, the more impossible their escape from its clutches becomes. Some readers may want to look up the nature of such far-flung physics concepts as dark matter, dark energy, and the nature of singularities to understand the full scope of theology herein, and others will just want to know what strange plan they come up with next.

  • In the second half of the story the Kwytzwik make their first attempt to breach the inner chamber, then go on a series of bank robberies to raise funds for a more successful attempt, and finally get inside to undo the terrible crime being done in every Kwytzwik Temple in the world. This two-part story fills in the background of what was going on in chapter 21 of Forget What You Can't Remember.

  • This story is more of a series of philosophical dialectics than it is a proper story. It explores a complex ethical situation from the perspective of a group that emphatically denies that it has a right to life, or any say in whether it lives or dies. It uses entirely fictionalized religious iconography, dogma, and symbolism to examine issues and situations you may recognize from the world around you. When one group is unable or unwilling to take a stand or defend itself, deferring entirely to another, whose right is it to protect or destroy any one -or all- of that group? The culmination of the events discussed in this story are described from a different perspective in chapter 22 of Forget What You Can't Remember.

  • This story follows one man's quest to share himself totally through his preferred form of creative expression - his cooking. Taking available technology into untouched ethical ground, Lance goes further to give himself over to his restaurant's patrons than many people are comfortable with. The second part of this story is told through a lengthy culinary review of Lance's restaurant, rather than a traditional narrative.

  • This story is the narrative of the first fight Rudi participates in, during the mixed martial arts competition described in chapters 19 (where Rudi is introduced), 24, 27, and 28 of Forget What You Can't Remember. Rudi's superior sense of smell gives him a unique perspective on the entire experience.

  • This story is about a supervillain who -after his first several attempts to wreak havoc on and around the flying city in which he lives are thwarted, and his superhero nemesis is coincidentally erased from existence- goes even more insane than he was before. Stumbling around his high-tech laboratory, mumbling to himself, Brady experiences an epiphany that leads him to design a fifth iteration of his doomsday device. Find out what he designs, and where that line of thought end up taking him, in this strange story about a stranger, mad man.

  • This story follows the main characters from the end of Lost and Not Found as they make their departure from Haven and their arrival in Skythia, then gives a glimpse of what their life is like ten years after the end of that book, as well as that of a couple of the main (and minor) characters from Forget What You Can't Remember. This part of their story can also be found in the last two episodes of the Lost and Not Found - Director's Cut.

  • Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed More Lost Memories, please look for my other titles on Podiobooks.com, including: Forget What You Can't Remember, Cheating, Death (a zombie novel), Lost and Not Found, Dragons' Truth, & the first three books of a series called "Untrue Tales From Beyond Fiction - Recollections of an Alternate Past".

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