By: Heather
The story was interesting and held my attention until the end but I'm not sure if I would recommend it. I don't think I would have had issue with the religious connotations if the Jonah explanation for the Kronos creature hadn't been so repeatedly force fed. The ending especially was ...
By: Suzanne
Enjoyed listening to this story ... Would have liked a little bit more explanation/info On Kronos... But Characters were great and it Was well read .... Well done.
By: Paul
Although the major arc of this story was cast as science fiction, the denouement was a disappointment. We are left with no explanation of the beast other than "monsterus ex Deus", which was decidedly unsatisfying. As well the resolution of the hero's relationship with his rediscovered old love (I'm trying ...
By: Joe Public
Very well read and easy to listen to ... each chapter moves along and are simple to follow No real surprises or shocks once the intended storyline is established but then this is more an action book than a mystery If i had one critic it would be that the ...
By: Justin
I really loved this book, and the reading/production was amazing...but then all of these very scientifically-minded characters started going on about how the christian god must have created this thing specifically...out of nowhere... It was really awkward, and just didn't fit with the characters or the storyline, and it took ...
By: Nelline
I really enjoyed listening to this. It was well written with wonderful, consistent narration. I enjoyed the science and mythology tied together, and didn't think it was too forceful toward a definite viewpoint. Also, the violence and sadism was well portrayed without being over-the-top and graphic. Thanks for sharing this!!!
By: Pirvonen
Competent thriller, incompetent science. I can forgive the author for the one scientific speculation crucial for his point, but he makes an unforgiveable number of stupidnesses that any decent copy editor should have caught. In addition, the author seems to derive indecent amount of pleasure of describing firearms. Anyway, decent ...
By: Derek
Only on episode three but loving it so far.
By: Dariclone
Thos an amazing story. I liked it even better than Beneath. Atticus and Gionna were great fullformed characters. I would love to hear a continuation of this novel for sure!
By: Ross
I'm really enjoying this book. My only criticism concerns all of the hero characters deciding that God is the reason Kronos exists. While He may be the Maker of all things, there is more emphasis put on Him than I normally like in a Science Fiction book. Otherwise, I've really ...

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