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In Nawashi, Brian Stanford discovered the world is filled with mages who use sexual magic to achieve their goals - whether freedom or repression. Drawn into the struggle is his wife, Bec, captured by the Mauls, soldiers of the Wrinkled Man. Bec is taken into the dark underworld of New York's sex trade, to be used as a pawn against her husband.

But the Wrinkled Man has not accounted for her own strength, and even as she is drawn further into the ordeal path Bec fights her own battles against the repressors. It is a fight for her body, mind, and soul - and in the dark world of sexual magic, survival may not mean victory.

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  • In Chapter 1 of Jujun, Bec Marshall, wife of the Nawashi, is captured by Mauls, near-invincible soldiers of the Wrinkled Man. As she tries to fight them, she begins to realize the world of trouble and hurt into which they are drawing her, as her descent into the warped sexuality of the Repressors begins.

  • Bec tries to learn more about her captors as they take her deeper into the city.

  • The Mauls arrive in the city with Bec, and the Wrinkled Man's plans for her are revealed. A new player in the drama appears: The Man Inside.

  • Bec is taken to Pulse, a voyeuristic nightclub, and given into the hands of the sadist Grateman, who takes her ordeal to a darker level. Part 1 of 3. This podcast is intended for adults, and depicts scenes of violence, torture, and non-consensual sexuality. The author does not condone these behaviors; for more information on risk-aware consensual kink, visit http://www.safersm.org

  • Bec's ordeal at the hands of the sadistic Grateman continue under the voyeuristic eyes of the Man and the clientele at the Pulse.

  • At the voyeuristic club Pulse, Bec's ordeal at the hands of Grateman comes to an agonizing close. The Man Inside is heard from again.

  • Bec is taken from the club and escapes the Man, who gives chase through the NY streets, and two new factors enter the scene: Aleksi the street punk and the mysterious Malachi Wenzel.

  • Bec escapes the Dark Man on the streets of NY, but is faced with new challenges and doubts when a specialist enters the situation.

  • Bec falls into the softer but no less predatory hands of Malachi Wenzel, as he and his lackeys both treat her wounds and seduce her further into dark sensuality.

  • Bec's degradation and fall continues, while her husband Brian, his lover and focus Sally, and sex mages Sullivan and Vashte arrive in NYC to begin to search for her.

  • Brian and Sally join forces with Michelle Belanger and other sex mages in NYC in their efforts to rescue Bec from her ordeal.

  • Bec's ordeal passes beyond endurance as the Dark Man's violations continue on her and Vera.

  • Brian and his comrades finally face down Grateman and try to find out where Bec has been taken

  • Bec reaches the nadir and discovers what there is when there is nothing left; the Man Inside reaches the end of his history, and the beginning of another's.

  • Bec makes her escape, and the Wrinkled Man plots as her allies try to get her the help she needs.

  • Brian and his companions rush to get Bec to the tantrika Lulu Smith in hopes that she can be healed.

  • In the action-packed conclusion of Jujun, Bec faces her tormentor one last time, and everyone is dragged into the conflict as the Wrinkled Man springs his trap.

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