By: Solid Granite
An enjoyable story...well told...BUT where are the following books? If this is Book 1, that certainly leads the reader to believe there are, or will be, more in the series. Here we are, years after the original publishing date, and I can find no follow on books in this series. ...
By: Tom
Made it through the first 7 episodes. Great start, then it lost me. Our hero is fighting dragons. Then, for about one episode he gets kidnapped so he can help steal the king's gold. ??? It just didn't make any sense. And there's a dog thrown in there for some ...
By: Amaya
I really enjoyed it. I'd like to know where the next one is, since this is apparently book one in a series. :)
By: GrastonDoc
Love the story and its telling. Derek Gilbert does an excellent job of delivering this tale with passion. I have discovered Podiobooks just a couple of months ago. I was fortunate to find Nathan Lowell first and I guess I hold others to his caliber of story and narration (sorry). ...
By: Luann
Love it, love it, love it! I love Derek Gilbert's writing style and voice. Can't wait until part 2 is out.
By: Sven
I couldn't help but feel the last few chapters had overtly religious elements added into it. I can't help but think the second book will be some sort of Xtian tome exhorting the virtues of religion.
By: Jason Buberel
My reaction to this book was similar to Jim's (above: The characters felt thin, lacking in emotional depth. Their language and word usage alternated between almost-modern and passably-early-queens-english. I had a hard time identifying with any of the characters, probably because they felt underdeveloped. As for the backdrop for ...
By: Oscar
Great story but have been waiting for part two for a very long time when will you post part two i have to know please say it will be soon
By: Rusty S.
boo....Hiss.... Loved the book. Left me hanging. Where is the next one? Love PID by the way!
By: Will
Loved the audiobook. I got sucked in after the first two chapters. Is there a release date for the second book? Loved Christian based theme in the end as well. Keep up the good work Derek.

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