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SOMETHING wants in. To your head. Through this audiobook.

Ethan, a digital sound engineer in Los Angeles, becomes aware that his life is unraveling when the audiobook he's listening to reveals his deepest, darkest secrets, escalating until the narrator addresses him directly, threatening to destroy him from within. Vivian, a single mother running an antique store in San Francisco, listens to her audiobook to distract herself from missing her young daughter, but is shaken when the narrative is interrupted by her daughter's voice, faintly calling for help.

Ethan and Vivian are drawn together as they fight to solve a generation-spanning conspiracy that begins with a boy listening to the Orson Welles broadcast of War of the Worlds in 1938 and evolves through the latest innovations in digital technology, unearthing the mind-bending concept of a POSSIBILITY PARASITE bent on unleashing an explosion of APOCALYPTIC META HORROR.

From Eric Luke, screenwriter of EXPLORERS, and comic books GHOST and WONDER WOMAN: an experiment in audio horror.


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  • Halloween: 1938. Jimmy Morton listens to Orson Welles' War of the Worlds. He will try to forget this night for the rest of his life.

  • Los Angeles: Now. Ethan Harding is out of a job, out of love, and out of luck. His only chance is to discover how to… BREAK THROUGH.

  • San Francisco: Now. Vivian Antonelli finds an audiobook to distract herself from her daughter's absence. It has the opposite effect.

  • San Diego: Now. Hank Keller discovers an audiobook that's everything he's dreamed of, and more. Much, much more.

  • Things are looking up for Jimmy when he gets cast in the hometown production of War of the Worlds and walks home with the most beautiful girl in any world.

  • Ethan is seduced by the dark, erotic world of his audiobook. And pays the price.

  • Vivian's audiobook turns brutal. Hank sinks deeper into nightmare.

  • Ethan thinks he's over his ex-girlfriend. He's wrong. Vivian tries to alert the authorities. And pays the price.

  • Hank lives the dream.

  • Jimmy rehearses for the night of his life. Ethan vivisects the interference and reveals a clue.

  • Vivian calls a friend and unearths obscure history. Hank travels north.

  • Jimmy stays late after rehearsal and has an unsettling exchange.

  • Hollywood Boulevard: Now. Perd Kronk has an apotheosis.

  • Ethan discovers a piece of the puzzle. Vivian gets a lesson in chaos theory.

  • Ethan, Vivian and Hank embark on parallel, intersecting paths.

  • Centerville. October 31, 1939.

  • A meeting at the Pathways. A theory is put forth.

  • The rise and fall of Carl Pregerman. An old acquaintance is introduced, a demon revealed, a strategy devised.

  • It all comes together. Just as it falls apart.

  • A betrayal is discovered, violence erupts, and links in the chain of events are tested.

  • Hank stands at the crossroads. The final puzzle pieces fall into place. The three stake their lives on the question: Is the inevitable evitable?

  • All paths have led to this place, this moment, this confrontation. The three stare into the face of death.

  • Everything is pushed to the brink. Everyone is tested to the limit. Death comes knocking.

  • An explosion of apocalyptic meta horror. And it ends. As much as it ever does.

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