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In this collection of short stories, Edward G. Talbot provides thrills, chills, laughs, and drama in abbreviated form. If you like bite-sized fiction, allow Talbot and selected guest authors to take you on a ride.

The stories are varied, with an emphasis on twists and improbable situations. A talk show appearance gone very wrong. An athlete willing to sacrifice to win. And a strip club bouncer discovering that Heaven isn't what he expected.

So sit back, close your eyes, and put on your headphones. And enjoy the stories.

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  • A psycho-thriller to start the collection off. A psychopathic spouse can ruin your day. This story is by the Ed Parrot half of the Edward G. Talbot duo.

  • Some light humor by the Ed Parrot half of the Edward G. Talbot duo. A brief glance into the life of Janet Higginbottom, marketer for a fertility clinic.

  • A short drama. One family's secret their escape from Stalin Author Caroline Totten lives in Canton, Ohio. She is a former newspaper reporter who now writes short stories and novels. Many thanks to her for allowing us to use her story!

  • This week we feature a short story by Jason Derrig, the silent half of the Edward G. Talbot duo. The shadow behind the shadow government. Jason mostly comes up with plots, but this week you get a very brief glimpse into his sick mind unfiltered. Enjoy!

  • [Another story by the Ed Parrot half of Edward G. Talbot, this time examining what might happen during the transition from one president to another. Hint: it involves assassinations and nuclear weapons

  • This week, a horror story from guest podcasters Arlene Radasky and Rhonda R. Carpenter. You can find other works by these authors on podiobooks.com, including Radasky's "The Fox" and Carpenter's "The Mark of A Druid"

  • Another very short story by the Ed Parrot half of Edward G. Talbot, asking how far will an athlete go to win?

  • The only story in this collection that is the result of the full Edward G. Talbot collaboration. Ed and Jason co-wrote this irreverent and humorous look at how Heaven isn't all it's cracked up to be.

  • This week, another story written and read by a guest podcaster. Scott Roche, author of the Archangel podcast novels, has put together an audiodrama for you. This is a horror piece, and has quite a bit of graphic violence and language, so please consider that before you listen.

  • The longest story of the Intercast Season One collection. This is a heist story, but with a few twists. A lone protagonist (for the most part). And an Edward G. Talbot sort of ending. If you haven't figured it out by now, that means not everyone lives happily ever after. Enjoy!

  • Another guest podcaster for this episode. Mildred Cady is making her podcast fiction debut with this piece about an America of the future that is hard to recognize.

  • A story by Ed and his wife, Dana. A bit of a horror piece. A man donates his kidney. Or does he?

  • The final episode of Intercast Season One features a story by Greg Crites, author of such podiobooks as Crusade and Dunkin the Vampire Slayer. The story is vintage Crites, a humorous take on the defense industry. Enjoy the story, and leave us a review if you have enjoyed the series.

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