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A collection of Short Stories by action author Basil Sands.

These stories will get your heart racing in thirty minutes or less as you plummet to the depths of human emotion and the desire to protect what is dearest when all hell breaks loose and there is no one there to do anything about it but an Average Joe...or an almost Average Joe. Think of each episode as something like the Twilight Zone, with guns, knives, and whatever the hero can find to defend themselves and their families from the bad guys. These are Basil's original action novels taken down to single episode bite size chunks that'll get your blood pressure up on the commute to the office, or while on the treadmill at the gym.

From a former Navy Seal, to a dad trying to make things right for his son, to a bunch of twenty something adventurers high on an Alaskan mountain you'll get the hardcore action you crave. Twice a month, delivered right to your MP3 player.

You want action? You want pulse pounding excitement? You want to see the bad guys get their due?

Here it is in a way that only a guy named Basil can do.

So make sure to put your tray table in the upright and locked position, and fasten your seat belt... it's going to be a wild ride.

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  • A nerdy computer programmer is accosted by a gang of Skinhead thugs, who get more than they bargained for.

  • Philip McKenzie's wife expects him to fix the hot water, and now. But a chance meeting changes the way they think of plumbing.

  • Experience a day in the trenches, first hand through the eyes of one soldier who was there. Paschendale, 1917.

  • Eight friends on a hiking trip up a mountain in Alaska, the world behind them may not be the world before them. This is a different avenue for Basil, his one and only “Sci-Fi” type story thus far.

  • A case of mistaken identity has far reaching implications. Maybe we should all research our family trees and make sure there are no extra branches we don't know about.

  • A father and son try to forget the past, but end up face to face with it. When the father tries to set things right, all hell breaks loose.

  • Lance Corporal Mike Farris earns a job as a US Marine Corps Sniper, then gets his first combat experience....war sucks

  • Never fight an old man...if he doesn't think he can beat you, he'll probably just kill you.

  • Maggie Rose prefers to live life without challenges...some would call her very boring. That's all about to change.

  • A college student takes matters into his own hands and rescues those who cannot help themselves. Attention Karl's Last Flight listeners, this story will let you get to know a little about Kharzai's early days, before the CIA. This is the last episode of In The Shadows.

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